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If you’ve visited Ecto-Containment in the last couple of weeks you probably noticed I’ve been busy making organizational changes. (Blog post: Jan 5, 2015) Ecto-Containment has become more of a Ghostbusters web site, then an all things The Real Ghostbusters web site. This is because of how my interests in Ghostbusters have changed at times in recent years and the number of Ghostbusters sites I manage.

Personally it made more sense to evolve Ecto-Containment from a The Real Ghostbusters web site that was lacking in just that content due to time and sometimes financial reasons to a Ghostbusters web site that can contain current and ‘classic’ Ghostbusters content. Whatever that is could depend on what’s currently happening with Ghostbusters fandom to my interest in a Ghostbusters item from the ’80s. After the jump, a sorta necessary, informational tour of Ecto-Containment.

What’s Changed?

Former About Section

  • ‘About’ (also known as Characters) talking about what The Real Ghostbusters is has been retitled The Real Ghostbusters.
  • The Real Ghostbusters short character bios and ‘Friendly Ghosts’ have been removed.
  • Episode Reviews and Season 1 have been moved to The Real Ghostbusters ‘parent’ page.

Former Kenner Section

  • New ‘parent’ page, Toys.
  • Kenner page moved to Toys ‘parent.’
  • Ecto-Plazm section moved to Toys ‘parent,’ under Kenner.
  • Additional Ghostbusters toy licensees added to Toys ‘parent’ page.
  • Additional toy pages created for current and additional content.

New iRich Section

  • Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters blog entries/articles I wrote from 2011 to present on my multiple Ghostbusters websites. They’ve been linked on this one page for easier navigation.

Media Section

  • Slimmed down as The Real Ghostbusters digital preservation has been relocated to Ghostbusters Firehouse. In the Magazine Rack section.
  • May be further organized or removed. Hasn’t fully been decided.

Links Section

  • When I created Ghostbusters NYC/Firehouse I added a pretty thorough Links page. I’ve reorganized the links that have been on Ecto-Containment using the list of links from Ghostbusters Firehouse.

New Legal Section

  • Standard legal information regarding Ecto-Containment’s web existence.

Photo Credit: Future Timeline


2 thoughts on “Ecto-Containment Site Updates

  1. I really appreciate the compliments and feedback, thanks so much. With Ecto-Containment pretty much organized content and blog posts can resume as I have time.

    I started a content update before I realized I “needed” to create this page and that page, etc. lol I took the photos, need to write something about them. 8)


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