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Handy Disclaimer: Most screencaps come from Kiss Me Goodbye. With a few exceptions that are also credited. I saved a small amount of screen caps, uploading them on Ecto-Containment for my review. If they need to be removed, email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Exterior)


  • “Who threw him out the window?” – NYPD Officer
  • “A ghost threw him out the window.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Oh, you mean like Patrick Swayze?” – NYPD Officer

Thoughts: The original Ghostbusters was influenced some by supernatural comedies that preceeded it. Dan Ackroyd and Harold Ramis didn’t need to refer to them throughout Ghostbusters.



  • “Official business. We’ll take it from here. Thank you.” – Agent Hawkins
  • “You need to come with us.” – Agent Rorke
  • “Why?” – Patty Tolan
  • “The mayor needs a word, ladies.” – Agent Hawkins

Location: City Hall (Mayor Bradley’s Office)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Mayor Lenny’s office at City Hall.



  • “We know you’re not frauds because we’ve been monitoring this situation quite closely.” – Mayor Bradley
  • “Agents Hawkins and Rorke are with Homeland Security. So we’ve been investigating this extremely quietly.” – Jennifer Lynch
  • “These gentleman are on it. Let the government do their work.” – Mayor Bradley

Thoughts: I could see how in a city such as New York the mayor’s office and the federal government might believe in a terroristic threat from Rowan, not anything to do with the paranormal. Even though their is evidence. In Ghostbusters, they drew enough attention to themselves, without social media. As it hadn’t been invented. No one wants a public relations nightmare.

Also as I watched this scene for the first time in theaters in part because of some if its humor and some of its unneeded dialogue it went on for far too long.

Ghostbusters Reference/Quote: ‘Cause, otherwise, there’d be mass hysteria.” – Jennifer Lynch

Thoughts: Maybe the production wanted to reference Ghostbusters with a line used in a similar scene.

Quote: “People always move on.” – Jennifer Lynch

Thoughts: I wish the movie would.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Behind building)



  • “Now, the mayor said we could continue our work, and so we shall.” – Abby Yates
  • “We got to be prepared. That’s why I made a table of treats.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • [handing a piece of equipment to Patty] “This puppy I like to call a Ghost Chipper.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Unless I missed it as they were going on and on about cats and something about a missing UFO town I thought the Ghostbusters were out of the research club business.

It’s Technical:

Proton Pistols

Thoughts: The idea of a smaller proton gun that can work like a regular size Proton Pack has been around for two decades. Some ghostheads have even made their own prop versions.

Ghost Grenades

Thoughts: In The Real Ghostbusters, Egon had invented a Ghost Bomb in season 1 “The Boogieman Cometh.” Throughout the years some ghostheads have made prop Ghost Grenades. I’m not sure how practical they would really be. They look cool.

Ghost Chipper

It’s Technical/Quote: “Hollow-laser technology, sucks in the ghost and neutralizes it.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: When props from Ghostbusters: Answer The Call were on display before it was in theaters I thought the Ghost Chipper was the new Ghost Trap. I’m not sure what the point is of “chipping” a ghost. It’s made of ectoplasm, its messy. Then what, can you trap it? Why would you need that when you’re wearing hopefully more effective equipment?

Proton Glove

It’s Technical/Quote: “It’s a proton glove. It’s gonna maximize flexibility during hand-to-specter combat. Just give it a punch, it’s motion activated.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Besides the obvious danger, (their’s always that anyway) the proton glove also doesn’t seem that practical. Maybe for brief uses with larger ghosts. How does one easily switch between using a Proton Pack and put the glove on? Probably would help to be in a team situation.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: A NYC Precent jail cell.



  • “It’s fraudulent and unsafe, frankly. You know, these Ghostbusters are creating an unnecessary panic in a sad grab for fame. People can rest assured that these women are fake.” – Jennifer Lynch



  • “What do those look like to you?” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Ley lines.” – Abby Yates & Jillian Holtzmann
  • “What’s ley lines?” – Patty Tolan
  • “It’s a hidden network of energy lines that run across the Earth. It’s a current of supernatural energy.” – Abby Yates
  • “Supposedly, if you look at sacred sites and weird events all over the world, and connect them with lines where they intersect, it’s an unusually powerful spot.” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: Depending on what one believes, its interesting to use unexplainable occurrences on and around Earth as an explanation as to how Rowan could open a doorway from a supernatural world to Earth.

I’m also going to assume Patty’s historical knowledge about The Mercado is accurate. Hopefully the production fact-checked.

Location: Mercado Hotel (Lobby)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Arrival To/Sedgewick Hotel.


Thoughts: Between going to the mayor’s office and returning to quickly discover what Rowan is up to, when did they have time to sew on “no ghost” logo patches?


Quotes: “Well I’m terribly sorry that you have a draft in your room. Why don’t you hold while I connect you to someone who might care. [Hold on] “What do you want?” – Desk Clerk

Thoughts: Annie Potts as “desk clerk” basically reprises her role as Janine. I would have liked to have seen her more as hotel management instead of hotel reception.

Location: Mercado Hotel (Basement)


Quotes: “I am a genius. I see things that no one else does.” When these barriers are destroyed, an army of the undead will return to pester the living.” – Rowan

Thoughts: I could picture if the Ghostbusters had met Ivo Shandor, there meeting would have been somewhat similar.

How does Rowan (way to be a downer Ghostbuster movie) taking his own life help? From what the Ghostbusters can tell afterwards the machine is off. It is never that easy, is it?

Location: Erin Gilbert’s Apartment


Thoughts: It’s too bad Rowan didn’t as far as we know seek professional help. Between his intelligence and artistic ability he might have had a better life.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)


Quote: “Hello Abby.” – ghost Rowan

Thoughts: Unless Rowan has all the knowledge Abby has, does he think trying to put them out of business will prevent the Ghostbusters from somehow stopping his plans?

Quotes: “Get out of my friend ghost!” [after Rowan leaves] “The power of Patty compels you!” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: I think the second line, from Exorcist was in the trailer. I still laughed at the first line. By now what I talked about was old to me.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Exterior)

Similar Location to Ghostbusters: None. However, in Ghostbusters II Louis Tully, (I’m guessing) borrowed one of Egon’s uniforms and a Proton Pack on News Year Eve.


Quotes: “Hey, guys, check it out! I figured you’re gonna need my help so I borrowed all this stuff. If you could just chuck me down my own proton pack, that’d be great.” – Kevin

Thoughts: As in borrow, did he mean steal? Their isn’t a chance the cobbled equipment on that motor bike could properly work. I think one of those parts is to a Neutrona Wand.

I like that he made a uniform that looks along the lines of what I would have made in 1997.

Quotes: “I’m part of the team. I can help out. I’m not gonna get in your way. I was born to be a Ghostbuster, all right?” – Kevin

Ghostbusters (II) Reference: Louis Tully told Janine he was “born to wear this stuff” on December 31, 1980 something.

Thoughts: I think this scene is the most “normal” we’ve seen ‘Kevin’ throughout Ghostbusters: ATC. See Chris Hemsworth, you don’t have to act dumb.


  • “Come on, Rowan, get out of him!” – Abby Yates
  • “Thanks for the upgrade.” – ghost Rowan
  • “Oh, that’s so not good.” – Patty Tolan

Location: Fancy NYC Restaurant

Somewhat Similar Location to Ghostbusters: When Louis Tully, before being turned into a dog by a cute little pooch bangs on a fancy NYC restaurant window.

Somewhat Similar Location to Ghostbusters II: While Peter and Dana were on a date in a fancy NYC restaurant, Ray, Egon, and Winston who had gone for a swim in a river of mood slime scared the straights. Ray even flung, (by accident I’m sure) slime at this one man’s date!



  • “Mayor Bradley. You have to evacuate the city! You have to shut down the power to the whole city! Don’t you understand? He’s using the power to energize them!” – Erin Gilbert
  • “You know what, as you can see, the mayor is very busy.” –  Jennifer Lynch

Thoughts: Jaws, really? You leave  a large mechanical shark that didn’t always work out of this!


Quotes: “Mayor Bradley, you have to listen to me! Get out of the city! Get out of the city! They’re coming! Don’t you understand? These ghosts kill people!” – Erin Gilbert

Location: Mercado Hotel (Basement)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Walter Peck ordered Con-Ed Guy to shut down The Protection Grid.


Thoughts: I hope all existing copies of Ghosts From Our Past are recalled to prevent anyone else from building a large, (yet, not very mobile) machine that will open a spiritual doorway.

Location: NYC Streets

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Either after The Containment Unit brought down the property value on The Firehouse or the newly opened for business temple on the rooftop at 55 Central Park West.


Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table: Uh, we’ll all need a revised edition.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Garage/Exterior)


Thoughts: When did the Ghostbusters get back there ECTO-1? Jennifer Lynch told them they “for real” towed the car. Unless that was part of the PR “illusion” where everything was under control.

Also, is Jillian Holtzmann the only one who drives Ecto-1?


  • “Let’s do this.” – Abby Yates
  • “Oh, yeah.” – Patty Tolan

Location: NYC Streets, Hailing A Cab



  • “Taxi, Taxi!” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Where you going?” – Cabbie
  • “Chinatown.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Nah. That’s, like, one more block south than I want to go.” – Cabbie
  • “Sir, those are actual ghosts flying around!” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Eh, they’re Class 5 floating vapors. Nothing to worry about.” – Cabbie
  • “No, no, no, it’s important. Don’t you see what’s happening?” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Look, I don’t go to Chinatown, I don’t drive wackos, and I ain’t afraid of no ghosts.” – Cabbie

Ghostbusters Reference: After the Ghostbusters caught Onionhead Ray told everyone within hearing distance outside the ballroom it was a Class V, free roaming vapor.

Thoughts: So, if there hadn’t been a Ghostbusters business before, (it was just marketing right?) how could this typical NYC cab driver know first what the classes of ghosts were and second that they are “floating vapors.”

I think leading up to Ghostbusters: Answer The Call this was the cameo I was looking forward to the most. Somewhat unfortunately a UK (thanks Wales, the whole country) trailer spoiled it. I think eventually it was part of a US TV spot as well.

Long before I had seen a single piece of this film I had thought, (more for fun) to connect all three films the Ghostbusters could have briefly met these Ghostbusters around the idea of what was Dan Ackroyd’s idea of a doorway opening, also allowing all ghostly creatures into Manhattan. Which would also “prove” that alternative realities/multi-verses do exist. It’s been done in the comics. Maybe just a little bit, this cab driver might actually be Dr. Ray Stantz.

Also, cringeworthy, did “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” actually have to be said? If it “had” to, at least it was by Dan Ackroyd.

Quote: “Oh, God, I got to get my gear.” – Erin Gilbert

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