Mail Fraud


Mail Person Selfie.

Hello everyone, my name is Milo. I’m your friendly neighbor mailman. I may have your Columbia House among your mail.

Milo, who doesn’t at all seem like he has Greek ancestors is a mail person. It’s 2018 toy figure. Thirty years ago kids didn’t need a mail figure. Kenner instantly knew they’d be out of business. Unless maybe they went to that space movie well once again.

Wait, what if said mail figure transformed into a Haunted Human. Part of The Real Ghostbusters figures! They’ll call it Mail Fraud. Genius!


Mail (not) Afraid might have been a better name. NO WAY the United States Postal Service was going to give an official stamp of approval. Yep. That is why both sleeves have a molded “Mail” logo on it.

Also get a look at that brown mail bag. It looks more like a woman’s purse. Yeah sure, he “grabbed the wrong one” on the way out. I wouldn’t say anything to him.

Milo is preparing to deliver mail to The Real Ghostbusters First Series Hero figures. He isn’t sure why all that advertising no one really likes to get is all over the ground.

Now he knows and so do kids from the ’80s! It’s a wonder the mail ever gets delivered when a guy with the nickname Mail Fraud is some kind of ghost monster! Ahhhhh!!!!

Mail Fraud!

Whenever it feels like it, Mail Fraud transforms by lifting the “shirt” of this figure. The human head will “sink” into the body, it’s shirt pockets become ghost/monster eyes, its Fright Features tie will raise up, and most importantly a human figure torso reveals a shark mouth. Tonsils included! Let. that. sink. in.

You could make the assumption Mail Fraud tears through mail like a sharp letter opener. Milo who couldn’t fight enough not to become The Incredible Mail Fraud in the later ’80s disappeared in the very early 1990s.

I blame electronic mail.