Ghost Trap


The Ghost Trap was one of my favorite “action toys.” Without it my kid self couldn’t catch the ghosts I was chasing with my Proton Pack! The Proton Pack in The Real Ghostbusters had two places to hook both the Nutrona Blaster and the Ghost Trap. Knowing kids would probably have one toy in their hands Kenner didn’t include a second hook to hold the Ghost Trap. I refuse to believe it was just poor planning.


After a kid gets situated and unhooks the Ghost Trap from the Proton Pack it can roll it on the floor to where the ghost(s) are. When you’re ready to catch “ghost trap” ghost (included) step on the trap’s rubber pump. This will quickly push air into the trap opening the Ghost Trap doors. With a ghost inside, all a kid needs to do is lift their foot and the doors will slam shut!

And what if I want to trap, I mean when I was a kid wanted to trap a ghost before bedtime? Kenner added glow in the dark technology which allowed the trap doors to glow. Can’t find the ghost with a P.K.E Meter? You might see it since it glows in the dark too!

UnBoxing Photos


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