MC2 Egon & Ray


Their were times as a ghosthead and collector where either Matty Collector had too many new products on release date and/or too many people were on the site buying at once. Ghostbusters might not have anything to do with it. “I thought it was going to be He-Man.”

That may have been the case when Mattel released both 12 inch Ghostbusters II Egon/Ray and Peter/Winston two packs. I wasn’t able to buy directly from Matty Collector and prices were out of control (of course) through eBay.

Eventually Matty Collector’s “sold out” inventory ended up at US retailer Big Lots! Where “all of a sudden” both 6 and 12 inch figures were (if you could find them) in stock. I never found the inventory ghostheads were posting about.

At some point long after the fact I was looking on eBay for either or both of the 12 inch Ghostbusters II figures. At the time only the Egon/Ray figures with shipping were a reasonable price. I was in New Jersey, the figures were in California.

Somewhere along the 3,000 mile trip, part of the plastic above Ray cracked to my disappointment. I messaged with the seller about it. After hearing his story from the east coast I accepted it. I didn’t make an issue about it with eBay.