MC Stay-Puft


Rich Roy’s Stay-Puft Timeline

  • June 1984: I’m 6 years old, Ghostbusters shows that a thought could turn a marshmallow mascot into a “100 foot marshmallow man.” Wow!
  • September 1986: By then I know, (probably) Ghostbusters is a movie and The Real Ghostbusters is now life. A large, not so happy, then to be happy marshmallow guy is part of my animated diet.
  • Christmas 1987: (Probably) Kenner makes a nowhere to scale marshmallow ghost figure. Unbeknownst to me Ghostbusters subliminally plants a life long collecting of a brand that is completely fictional.
  • Late ’90s: I buy a loose Kenner Stay-Puft from a popular auction site.
  • 2003-2004: N.E.C.A produces two different Stay-Puft collectibles as part of Ghostbusters 20th Anniversary. One is over a foot tall!
  • 2009: I receive as a gift (I think) a Diamond Select Toys Stay-Puft Bank.
  • Summer 2011: After Matty Collector had released multiple 12 inch/6 inch Ghostbusters figures along with multiple Slimers, Matty Collector did the unthinkable at SDCC, release a 20 inch Stay-Puft Marshmallow collectible!!!!


Originally a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Matty released and sold a 20 inch Stay-Puft Marshmallow man as a “scene in a suitcase” diorama. Please read that again, a nearly two foot tall marshmallow like collectible!

After removing the inner packaging from the suitcase, we have the beginnings of a diorama. Probably pricey New York City real estate. “Pulling” the folds back opens ghostheads to a world.


A world where Matty Collector thought any ghosthead would have room to display this happy fluffy like man. A world (in a box) where even a 20″ collectible can be held back.

Stay-Puft looks like he materialized from 1959, ready to have fun on a NYC night. Where better to explore then by the Ghostbusters cardboard diorama firehouse.


As part of this neat-o, not entirely accurate scene are multiple diorama pieces. They have tabs that “slide” into the surroundings. I probably tried, never had the complete cityscape in the tabs or on display.

  1. Ghostbusters Firehouse
  2. ECTO-1 driving.
  3. An “out of place” furniture store.


Let’s talk about a Matty marshmallow collectible decision. It’s precedessors made their suppose to be soft marshmallow collectibles from plastics. This big guy is made of a type of foam which makes Stay-Puft soft, squishy like.

The price of this texture, Stay-Puft could naturally yellow. It was a enough of a problem that Mattel explained the process of making them. Paint and this foam didn’t mix well.

Other problems can include indentations on the foam and surface cracks. Fortunately I haven’t noticed any yellowing. I never displayed a Matty Collector Stay-Puft, keeping it in box their has been at least slight indentations.

Despite all the flaws a dude made of fake marshmallows can have, I didn’t regret this purchase.


A marshmallow for your thoughts?