Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper


The Ecto-Goggles are another example of how cool Kenner was in the ‘80s. Like my earlier perception Kenner could have just sold the Ecto-Goggles. Which aren’t nearly as much fun by itself. Kenner included a miniature rubber version of the nutrona wand called the Ecto-Popper. The two go together like a bagel with cream cheese. Yum.


The Ecto-Goggles are a red and blue visor kids and thirty something years old can see through with an adjustable head strap and a place to hold the included four red foam pops. I’m not sure if Kenner employees wanted to wear the Ecto-Goggles. As an adult I can still wear what my 10 year old self played with, at least these. Not that I do, at least often.

The Ecto-Popper works much like the Ghostpopper. A red foam pop can be loaded into the front. Instead of pulling and pushing a handle to shoot a foam pop you squeeze the larger center area of Ecto-Popper. Air will then quickly force a foam pop out, shooting it at a ghost target.

If you had a Ghostpopper already or knew a friend who owned one you could use their ghosts targets as well. One of Ecto-Popper’s objectives was to “blast Stay-Puft into another dimension.” The way Stay-Puft is standing and smiling, who’d want to do that? He wants to be friends. Kenner really favored Stay-Puft most of the time. At least one person at the company had to like Slimer more.

One additional “holder” is included so kids can make their own ghosts.

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