Retro-Action Ray Stantz


Very much like their 6” Ghostbusters figures Mattel chose to use the same packaging for each of its Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters. The thin, flexible like card is a throwback to the packaging Kenner created for The Real Ghostbusters figures during the 1980s. I like how they mixed it up with introducing the guys. Instead of the line up I’ve been using since I first saw Ghostbusters at 6. Peter, Ray, Egon, and Winston. I can picture a Matty Collector team discussing the personalities and skills of each The Real Ghostbuster. Or they could have taken a vote over their favorites. Curious they chose to picture just about everyone’s favorite #1 “ghost,” Mr. Stay-Puft over Slimer. I love the big marshmallow guy, Janine should have been on the cards. At the time Matty Collector included her in a group picture on the back of the cards.

Each Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters has mostly real clothing compared to the painted Kenner The Real Ghostbusters hero figures. This is how figures from toy companies like Mego and Kenner were during the 1970s. The only part of the clothing that isn’t a material is the undershirt. The torso on the Retro-Action figures are painted black. To make each Retro-Action The Real Ghostbuster unique and a reason for a fan to buy each figure Mattel included different accessories for most of the line.



Every Retro-Action The Real Ghostbuster comes with a The Real Ghostbusters style proton pack. I say style because the look of these accessory packs aren’t 100% to their cartoon counter part. A The Real Ghostbusters proton pack has three cyclotron lights, not just two. For some reason instead of basing a “Retro Action” proton pack on their look from The Real Ghostbusters Mattel chose to design the pack after the toy version from Kenner. Perhaps this was in tribute and in respect to Kenner who had the license to make the original hero figures.

Ray also comes with his unique accessory, a Ghost Detector. Anyone whose ever seen Ghostbusters, even once knows Peter was the Ghost Sniffer guy, although at the time it’s possible the other equipment, not including the PKE Meter wasn’t ready yet. Seeing how Retro-Action Peter only came with a proton pack Matty Collector could have given Pete the detector and Ray should have come with a pair of Ecto-Visors.

Fact: Kenner once provided Fright features Ray Stantz a pair of gray Ecto-Visors.


I tried to take separate pics of the Retro-Action Ghost Detector, this is the best I can do without opening the card. There is a better pic on The Fwoosh. The little bit of comparing I can do between the two looks like someone at Matty didn’t paint mine. To be fair as I’m not going to open my Retro-Action Ray anytime soon we can’t see the rest of the detector accessory.


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