Ghost Spooker (Trap)


When Kenner came out with a new and different Ghost Trap that could make spooky noises, I wanted one. I don’t fully know why I still remember this. On the day my parents bought me a Ghost Spooker we were on the way to one of my uncle’s houses. I don’t remember why we were going there. I knew I wanted to play with my brand new (with no price tags on it) ghost trap that could change my voice. I can still remember opening the box, taking Ghost Spooker out and playing with it. Hopefully I had 4 AA batteries which weren’t included, of course.


The fun in Ghost Spooker was pretending the trapped ghosts (or monsters*) were making noises which could scare your friends and surprise anyone older then you. This might be the only The Real Ghostbusters toy that even included an adult on the box. Hopefully adults acted surprised and played along, at least for a couple of minutes.

The trap pedal is a microphone. It has three yellow buttons, on/off, volume, and pitch. When a kid or me speaks into it or made ghostly noises the sounds came out of a speaker on the side of Ghost Spooker.

*Not sure what Kenner meant by monsters. The Real Ghostbusters didn’t trap monsters.



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