Ghost Sweeper


Ghost Sweeper is only a bit similar to Ecto-500 in that they both can pull a ghost. Between the 500 and Ghost Sweeper, the sweeper looks like a lot more fun. Egon and Ray could have built a modified street sweeper for smaller areas of the city where the other Ectos were too big for. Or for undercover, not so inconspicuous work. Plus they finally have a vehicle to clean up excess ectoplasm!

Any of the hero variants can stand on Ghost Sweeper. One figure drives the vehicle while the other uses the top mounted Nutrona Blaster.


A kid or thirty something helps them by activating the yellow loud speakers. Which spin by moving Ghost Sweeper forward or backwards. Why would they need loud speakers? It wouldn’t only alarm city dwellers, (using my imagination here) but possible ghosts as well. Better tell Screaming Heroes Janine to hold our calls.

When the sweepers are active The Real Ghostbusters can sweep the included Street Creeper ghost into the Ghost Sweeper trap, holding it with other ghosts. ie: Demon Dasher, Galloping Ghoul.



2 thoughts on “Ghost Sweeper

  1. “Loudspeakers?” The two spinning columns are *supposed* to be the big brushes on the front of a street-sweeper. Obviously, they don’t really resemble brushes at all…

    If you want to give them some kind of “function” in context, I suppose you could say that they work in much the same way that the “ghost trap open” phase does. When the big grating opens up, that’s the “ghost trap closing” phase.


    • Kenner calls the two yellow parts on top of Ghost Sweeper a Loud speaker. I don’t remember if I read that in the instructions when I wrote about this toy originally, also available as a PDF file above the comments.

      I understand the bottom/front resemble the brushes from real street sweepers. Thanks for adding to the conversation.


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