Second Series Ghost Figures

Haunted Humans are one of two second series ghost figure lines from Kenner and also arrived at your preferred toy store between 1988-1989. Similar to the hero Fright Features Haunted Humans look like various kinds of people making their way through life. Looks can be deceiving. When (usually) Fright Features The Real Ghostbusters got too close, one or more Haunted Human could transform into a frightful ghost!

Their are 6 Haunted Humans with sometimes clever names. I think I had most of these figures.

Unless I find proof Hard Hat Horror and X-Cop might have been the Haunted Humans that stayed away from this Real Ghostbuster! :p

Kenner also produced non human ghosts that could also be of an animated variety while continuing to be clever and imaginative.

I’m pretty sure I didn’t have all 5. I feel I had Fearsome Flush and Pull Speed Ahead.

These included: