Gooper Ghost: Squisher


Egon must have been someone’s favorite at Kenner. He was previously used to show what H2Ghost and Bad-To-The Bone Ghost could do. He was also part of the Gooper Ghost: Squisher art work and used to show how Squisher works. Not to be left out Peter was used 2x, first with Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket and Gooper Ghost: Green Ghost. Ray was used with Gooper Ghost: Banshee Bomber. Winston didn’t get to show off a Gooper Ghost.™ I think if their had been a fourth Gooper Ghost in 1987 Winston would have been apart of the box graphics.


Squisher has posable arms to lift a hero figure across its mouth. If it feels nasty which happens at least once during play time Squisher lifts a The Real Ghostbusters figure into its mouth using the bottom teeth. The lift happens by moving Squisher’s tail up and down.

When slime (Ecto•Plazm) is emptied into Gooper Ghost: Squisher it can slime a hero figure when its head is pressed down. With a hero figure trapped Squisher uses its finisher, “Squisher Squeeze” to ooze Ecto-plazm from its nose and mouth.


Squisher Instructions PDF (3.8 MB)


2 thoughts on “Gooper Ghost: Squisher

  1. This is another figure that I love and had as a kid. I don’t have him anymore but I have been eyeing one on Ebay as I wish to add him to my collection. I remember the day I bought Squisher like it was yesterday. My best friend and I went to buy a Gooper Ghost and he got Sludge Bucket and I got Squisher. We then went to Burger King to eat and we opened the figures there and tried them out. Imagine the reactions of people as my pals SLudge Bucket made noise as he made Ecto Plasm bubbles and they looked our way to see my Squisher oozing slime from its mouth and nose!


    • I probably would have loved the Gooper Ghosts figures as a kid. Although I may have talked about this, I don’t remember having any of the “large” Gooper Ghosts in childhood. I probably saw one, if not all of them at Kay-Bee toy stores. My parents probably didn’t really have a need for me to have 3 toys that will also secrete “slime,” therefore making play time and clean up messier then it needed to be.

      I did have The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse that came with Ecto-Plazm. I had smaller canisters of Ecto-Plazm. In adulthood I understand why I probably didn’t have any of Gooper Ghosts. I was an only child and although not fully spoiled, my parents were more generous then they needed to be when it came to toys from The Real Ghostbusters, other ’80s properties, and later TMNT.

      In adulthood if I had ‘waited’ a few more years I might not have owned any of the Gooper Ghosts as I paid eBay prices for them and other figures I didn’t have (and haven’t written about) in my later childhood.

      With the Gooper Ghosts I might do more with them for Ecto-Containment. TBD. Thank you for sharing your memories with us. I’m sure that Burger King location was “delighted” to have you and your friend playing with a toy that has runny toy slime. 🙂


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