Ghost Nabber Photos


In the middle of November 2014 their was a (geographically speaking) a really local comic book show. Its kinda a con, the organizers call it a show. Unbeknownst to me, this same show was held last year in my town at the same place. As the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show was coming up I knew I’d be there with my Ghostbusters franchise and friends from a second New Jersey franchise.

I thought as this con was local, more fun, less kind of pressure then a major con I could mix up the equipment and bring (and wear) some of my Kenner The Real Ghostbusters toys.

I had decided on the Ghost Nabber and Ecto-Googles, minus the Ecto-Popper. I didn’t know how I’d actually feel once I was at this show with these collectible toys. Any negative pre-conceived thoughts dissipated quickly when one of our members also brought some of his Kenner The Real Ghostbusters roleplaying toys and kids of varying ages really seemed to like checking out and sometimes playing with a toy they didn’t know about.

With the show then coming up (GBNJ) I decided to “unbox” my Ghost Nabber, taking 11 useable photos.


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