Big Trouble With Little Slimer

Season: 3, Episode 11

Title: Big Trouble With Little Slimer

Originally aired: November 21, 1987

Written By: Len Janson & Chuck Menville

Reviewed: October 31, 2015

Watch It: Volume 3, Disc 4


Synopsis: Walter Peck is back and out to discredit the Ghostbusters any way he can. When his efforts to expose them as frauds fail, he hits them where it hurts by taking Slimer away for government testing. Will Slimer be sent to oblivion?

You’ll Need A Reference: The title of this episode is most likely a play on the Kurt Russell movie, Big Trouble In Little China.

Location: Meeting Center/Banquet (Interior)

It Just Popped In There: When The Real Ghostbusters are chasing the double headed blue ghost they seem more destructive compared to season 1 which I’ve been more use to in recent years.

Location: Meeting Center/Banquet (Exterior)

You’ll Need A Reference: Walter Peck, (sporting an oh so stylish mustache) worked for the Environmental Protection Agency, 3rd district during Ghostbusters.

Quote: “I’m fine, what was that thing?” – Walter Peck

It Just Popped In There: While we could believe he has never seen Slimer up close and personal before now, Slimer has probably been in the media since Ghosts ‘R Us. If not, certainly because of Citizen Ghost. Either way, has Walter Peck never seen Ghostbusters? 😀

Location: Meeting Center/Banquet (Interior)

It’s Technical: Ray uses a Ghost Trap while holding one in his hand. Seems more dangerous and a potential safety hazard. At least he closed his eyes.


Tobin’s Spirit Guide: The double headed blue ghost is a Class V.

Sorry I Missed It: When The Real Ghostbusters are coming into the room with the buffet table, Ray’s expression seemed somewhat funky.

Location: Meeting Center/Banquet (Exterior)

Quote: “Look at them Callahan. They think they’re big heroes. Did I tell you how they made me look like a fool and cost me my job?” – Walter Peck

You’ll Need A Reference: In Ghostbusters, they indeed made a fool out of Wally Wick. He brought it upon himself and escalated world ending events that brought both negative consequences for the Ghostbusters and NYC.

Location: Firehouse Interior. Room: Bathroom

It Just Popped In There: Why would Slimer or any ghost for that matter need to shower?

You’ll Need A Reference: The nursery rhyme Egon and Slimer are singing was written in 1939 by anthropologist and folklorist Herbert Halpert. The first two lines come from The Little Mother Goose, published in the US in 1912.


It’s Technical: If a Real Ghostbuster is in a bathroom and the phone rings, (guess Janine isn’t at work) the medicine cabinet will open, extending the phone towards the person. The cabinet also contains some other technology that is not only important, could come in handy.

Location: Queens, NY. Government Research Facility

Sorry, I Missed It: When ECTO-1 is driving at the facility, the driver’s side “no ghost” logo is missing.

Location: Queens, NY. Government Research Facility (Testing Room 5)


It Just Popped In There: Does Walter Peck work at this facility? How does he have “authority” over military personnel?

Sorry, I Missed It: When Egon is using a P.K.E Meter and detecting paranormal activity his “no ghost” logo ghost looks a bit off. Its a very minor nitpick.

Quote: “Ray, activate the Specter Detector.” – Egon


It’s Technical: Ray uses, after Egon asks the Specter Detector. It appears to be similar as the “Ghost Sniffer” from Ghostbusters.

It Just Popped In There: Do The Real Ghostbusters always have the Specter Detector with them? Or only for emergencies?

Tobin’s Spirit Guide: There’s a Class V in the centrifuge.

Location: Firehouse Interior. Room: Garage Bay


It Just Popped In There: If Walter Peck who works for B.U.F.O (The Bureau Of Unidentifiable Flying Organisms) seems to have authorization to take Slimer, why did he and his associates try to ghost nap Slimer?

Location: Firehouse Interior. Room: Offices

You’ll Need A Reference: Janine, Peter, then later the Ghostbusters would meet Walter Peck, causing them all to be arrested in Ghostbusters.

Quote: “Scientists will run a series of tests on him.” – Walter Peck

Quote: “What kind of tests?” – Ray

Quote: “General tests. To determine what this organism is exactly.”

It Just Popped In There: Unless this B.U.F.O was some classified government agency that The Real Ghostbusters may not have heard of, why would B.U.F.O (I suspect short for buffoon, clever 🙂 need to test Slimer at all? I know its the government :p The Real Ghostbusters are scientists. They’ve already studied Slimer. I’m sure if they had ever asked before this, The Real Ghostbusters would have cooperated.

Location: Firehouse Interior. Room: Offices

You’ll Need A Reference: During Ghostbusters when Mayor Lenny asks the Ghostbusters what they need from him, it appears the national guard was deployed. I’m not saying he can have jurdistriction over a government facility. He’s the mayor…of NYC. Lenny’s got to know people who know people.

Location: Queens, NY. Government Research Facility (Interior)

It’s Technical: The room Slimer could be tested in is lead lined. Lead prevents ghosts from dematerializing through an object.


It Just Popped In There: Even if Slimer can’t physically leave the room, he could try to resist by dematerializing through any non lead object in the room. I know, they fed him a table full of food, he’s not that intelligent, and this is a children’s cartoon. Albeit an intelligent one.

Tobin’s Spirit Guide: Their is a classification doctor (at least in ghost hunting terms) for Slimer. Class V, Free Roaming Vapor.

It Just Popped In There: What danger could Slimer pose doctor? I suppose he could cause food shortages. Or leave ectoplasmic residue laying around if he isn’t in control. Slimer more or less hangs around with The Real Ghostbusters, at Firehouse HQ eating, relaxing, and sleeping.

It’s Technical: A much smaller cyclotron is part of a Proton Pack. Without one, the proton beams couldn’t be generated to hold a ghost until it can be trapped.

Location: Queens, NY. Government Research Facility (Exterior)

ecto1jetjumper ecto1jetjumper2

It’s Technical: ECTO-1 has been installed with a Jet Jumper. Using hydraulics and NASA like technology it allows ECTO-1 to “jump” at least 5 feet (10 if an already heavy car has a light load) in the air, over an object.

Location: Queens, NY. Government Research Facility (Interior)

It Just Popped In There: You would think a government research facility would require clearance to the elevators.

It Just Popped In There: Yeah, Walter Peck is a administrative type, what scientist doesn’t question one guy having a code with this type of equipment?

It’s Technical: Lowering the frequency of the Nutrona Wands two stops helped shut down the cyclotron. Preventing a disaster.


It Just Popped In There: Why would the general present Slimer with a good conduct medal? Is that to divert any thought of The Real Ghostbusters bringing litigation to both Walter Peck and B.U.F.O? 😀


  • Some screencaps: Ghostbusters Wiki. Used as reference under fair use of United States copyright law.

One thought on “Big Trouble With Little Slimer

  1. What I would’ve liked to have seen done with this episode was have Peter being the only one happy to let the BUFO take Slimer. As the other Ghostbusters look on helplessly when Peck takes Slimer away from them, Peter just turns his back and quietly says “Good riddance…”

    Then, when he refuses to help the others save Slimer, Peter starts thinking about whether or not letting Peck take Slimer away was the right thing to do.

    And at the end, Peter catches up, saves Slimer, and humilates Peck again. That would’ve made the episode more enjoyable.


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