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Handy Disclaimer: Most screencaps come from Kiss Me Goodbye. With a few exceptions that are also credited. I saved a small amount of screen caps, uploading them on Ecto-Containment for my review. If they need to be removed, email me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Exterior)



  • “You get a car and you get a car, and you get a car!” – Patty Tolan
  • “Uh, you didn’t disclose that the vehicle was going to be a hearse.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: Do you think kids today will understand the Oprah reference in years to come? What are the odds Patty’s uncle has a hearse that happens to be from the year Ghostbusters began filming?

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)


Quotes/It’s Technical:

  • “Based on the results of the subway field test I added a booster using microfabricated radio-frequency quadrupoles to speed up particles before entering the DLA device, [pointing to a Proton Pack] portable, wearable for maximum flexibility.” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Then we add the reversible psychokinetic energy synch plus Holtzy’s hollow beam to this baby, and voila.” – Abby Yates

[shows Ghost Trap]

  • “We got a ghost in these.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: For the most part I didn’t mind how the equipment could be updated from thirty year old, iconic in itself designs. Different too from Ghostbusters, I like how we see the evolution of the Proton Pack for example.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Back of Building)


Thoughts: Ghostbusters shooting range isn’t practical. Yeah, the now portable and less bulky Proton Pack needs to be tested. It probably would have been better once they had a call. I think this was one of the scenes that had a reshoot. Either way it feels like it was filmed as Melissa McCarthy has been known for physical comedy.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Ghostbusters Firehouse, when Peter, Egon, and Ray are talking and enjoying Chinese take-out.


Thoughts: Sony and Papa Johns had a cross promotion with Ghostbusters: Answer The Call. (GBI Blog Post, June 10, 2016) As this Ghostbusters is also based out of New York City, (and Patty is suppose to know NY) I find it hard to believe they would be eating Papa Johns pizza.

Same could be said with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with competing national franchises in some of their movies.

I also don’t mind this scene with them getting to know each other talking about how they met. In Ghostbusters we basically knew they were friends, it didn’t seem to matter how they met. The Ghostbusters novels from 1984 fleshed out the characters back stories in a way the movie wouldn’t have had time for.

Location: Rock Revenge Fest!! (Exterior)



  • “Ozzy rocks! Whoo!” – Metal Head
  • “This world cannot be cleaned fast enough.” – Rowan

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)



  • “A local team of paranormal investigators released a video of a proclaimed ghost. You can see clearly there’s something in the picture that isn’t easily explained.” – News anchor
  • “So what do we think of these Ghostbusters? Are they to be taken seriously? And… – News anchor
  • “Ghostbusters?” That is not our name. They can’t just make up a name and just call us…” – Erin Gilbert
  • “I spoke to Martin Heiss earlier. He’s with the Council for Logic and Data. Okay. He’s a famed debunker of the paranormal.” – News anchor

Thoughts: The in movie way to have a paranormal research club/team be called Ghostbusters, adding to 32 year old iconic name.

I’ve also waited since I was about 15 to see Bill Murray appear in a third Ghostbusters movie. It wasn’t what I would have expected or imagined in my teens and twenties. Bill Murray’s Martin Heiss is somewhat the skeptical, government type that William Atherton played in Ghostbusters. As a practically life long ghosthead the cameo is alright. The pressure is off Bill Murray to help carry a Ghostbusters movie. That is probably a reason he’s part of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.



  • [answers phone] “Uh, Ghostbusters. Cool See ya.” – Kevin
  • “Who was on the phone?” – Erin Gilbert & Abby Yates
  • “Uh, the Stonebrook Theater? There’s a goat on the loose.” – Kevin

Quotes: “Yo, yo, I got something for us, too!” – Patty Tolan

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Exterior)


Quote: “Hey, hey, hey, you guys, I got these from work. I’m making it official man. You put one of these on, you won’t get slimed again.” – Patty Tolan

Ghostbusters Reference: Over a radio Peter told Ray that Onionhead had slimed him at the Sedgewick Hotel. Ghostbusters created a verb for the word slime.



  • “Wait a minute, what did you do to my uncle’s hearse?” – Patty Tolan
  • “I fixed it.” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Its convenient that NYC subway workers have khaki uniforms. 😀 I wasn’t originally a fan of the safety stripes. For being underground and/or in the dark, it makes sense. In context of this Ghostbusters movie, keeping (boy are they going to be surprised) slime off themselves is practical.

When did Jillian Holtzmann have time to modify a 1983 hearse into an ectomobile? I could see Patty not knowing as she seems to still work for the MTA, did the others know?

I also didn’t originally like the new ECTO-1 because it was easy to be “judgmental” considering the original ECTO-1 is a classic 1959 Cadillac. Ghostbusters was one of the earliest examples of me liking classic cars. I just didn’t know it, because I was young.

Sony could have (if they wanted and perhaps at great expense) used the car in ATC. I’m glad they didn’t, this Ghostbusters movie should as much as it can stand on its own.

During filming I saw photos and videos of new Ecto-1. It grew on me. One could be nitpicky about the equipment and style choices. It seems to work and has a purpose, as in a similar way the roof equipment on ECTO-1 (and later ECTO-1A) did.

Location: Driving Through NYC In ECTO-1


Ghostbusters References: As ‘Ghostbusters’ drive from Chinatown to the Stonebrook Theater they pass the mayor’s office and the main branch of the New York Public Library.

Location: Stonebrook Theater (Exterior/Lobby)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Peter, Ray, and Egon leave the Firehouse, there first call is at the Sedgewick Hotel.


Thoughts: When did they have time to change into their uniforms, especially Jillian Holtzmann as she was driving?


  • “Are you the Ghostbusters?” – Jonathan the Theater Manager
  • “We’re…yes. We’re the Ghostbusters.” – Abby Yates

Location: Stonebrook Theater (Downstairs)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Sedgewick Hotel, 12th floor.


  • “All right. Well, we know it’s down here somewhere. Let’s split up, and if you see anything get on the walkie.” – Abby Yates
  • “Roger.” – Erin Gilbert

[A little later]


Quote: “The hat is too much, right? Is it the wig or the hat?” – Jillian Holtzmann

Thoughts: Part of this scene was in the Ghostbusters: Answer The Call trailer. It always reminded me of The Real Ghostbusters episode, Flip Side.

[About the same time, entering a room with an active PKE Meter]

Quote: [over walkie] “Guys, I think I got another one of those devices.” – Abby Yates

[Patty Tolan walking down the hall]

Quote: “I just thought this was gonna be like a book club. Play some Stevie Nicks albums, you know? Cause I’m telling you right now, if I see two twins from The Shining, I’m gonna pass out.” – Patty Tolan

Thoughts: Patty probably never expected she’d be a Ghostbuster, (and still work for the MTA?) Erin told her what they do is more of a ‘scientific research club.’


Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table/Quotes:

  • “It’s a full paranormal transferal embodiment. Erin, all of our theories on spectral possession are true.” – Abby Yates

Location: Beasts Of Mayhem (Stonebrook Theater stage)

Similar Location To Ghostbusters: Sedgewick Hotel Ball Room


Quotes: “I think those machines are making them stronger. That thing is super ionized!” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: As opposed to regular ionized?


Quote: “This auditorium is Art Deco, you idiots!” – Jonathan the Theater Manager

Ghostbusters Reference: In Ghostbusters, 55 Central Park West had an art deco style. After climbing 22 floors Egon commented on the architectural style.

[with the large lizard ghost in proton beams]

Quotes/It’s Technical:

  • “Holtz, open that trap!” – Abby Yates
  • “Okay. And I’m gonna open it on three. Ready. Three. Two…” – Jillian Holtzmann
  • “Open the box!” – Patty Tolan
  • “And one. Okay!” – Jillian Holtzmann


Location: Stonebrook Theater (Lobby/Exterior)


Thoughts: So is this when they own up to the fact they can’t just be a research group? And did the Stonebrook Theater pay them?

Also, media attention isn’t always a good thing.

Location: NYC Diner (Rowan’s Table)


Quote: [looking up at the news] “Enjoy your fun Ghostbusters. For soon, you shall bow down before me.” – Rowan

Thoughts: Rowan, who seems to be a decent artist sketched an evil version of the iconic “no ghost” logo. That begins to explain from marketing, figures, and a board game why (not yet how) a global logo everyone just loves will somehow become evil.

Location: Zhu’s Authentic Hong Kong Food (Second Floor)


Quotes/It’s Technical:

  • “Come on! This is what…legit [picking up Ghost Trap] feels like.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “It’s probably the radiation.” – Abby Yates

Thoughts: After successfully catching a ghost, now what? I don’t think they have a Containment Unit to release it to a spirit world.

It’s Technical/Quotes: “I got some newly printed circuit boards, and I rebuilt the superconducting magnets. I improved beam accuracy by adding a plasma shield to the RF discharge chamber. I have cryocooler to reduce helium boil-off, and to top it all off we got a freakn’ Faraday cage to attenuate RF noise and avoid quenching.” – Jillian Holtzmann


Similar Location To Ghostbusters: When Walter Peck is in Peter Venkman’s office to talk about ghosts business.

Quotes/Kemp’s Classification Spectral Table:

  • “We were just doing some experiments over here.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “Why are you pretending to catch ghosts?” – Martin Heiss
  • [showing him the Ghost Trap] “We successfully trapped a Class 3 vapor.” – Erin Gilbert
  • “You’re telling me there is a ghost inside that thermos? In that can? Well, I would love to see that. I really would.” – Martin Heiss
  • “We’re still assessing what type of containment method we’re gonna use.” – Abby Yates
  • “You want to see it?” – Erin Gilbert

Thoughts: Doctor or not, he’s pushing their buttons. They actually caught a ghost with unlicensed dangerous equipment that probably doesn’t have a single patent approved. If they let their only caught ghost go inside no less, this won’t be good. Have they ever watched a science fiction/action movie?


Quote: “Casper?” – Martin Heiss

Ghostbusters Reference: (Sorta) When the “no ghost” logo was being designed for Ghostbusters, Michael C. Gross knew he needed the ghost not to resemble Casper.

Quote: “Hey, that man went out the wrong door.” – Kevin

Thoughts: Internet rumors from way back had Bill Murray reprising his character of Peter Venkman if he could come back as a ghost.

Is Dr. Martin Heiss actually gone? We may not really know until a future Ghostbusters: ATC movie. It was the exit for Bill Murray’s part in this 21 Century Ghostbusters film.

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