Ain’t NASA-sarily So


Season 2, Episode 24 (DVD/EC #24)

Title: Ain’t NASA-sarily So

Originally aired: November 17, 1987

Written By: Craig Miller and Mark Nelson

Reviewed: September 10, 2016

Watch It: Volume 1, Disc 4

Synopsis:  The Real Ghostbusters are sent to outer space to the space platform Galileo in order to bust a particularly scary creature, while Peter is overjoyed about working under a government contract.

Location: Space. Platform Galileo.

Quote: Captain’s Log: Friday, 13 of June. Experimental platform Galileo just completed first day of mission. All systems completely operational.

You’ll Need A Reference: During the Middle Ages the superstition surrounding Friday, the 13th may have arisen “originating from the story of Jesus’ last supper and crucifixion.”

It wouldn’t be before the 19th Century where records would indicate both Friday and the number 13 are unlucky together.

You’ll Need A Reference: Galileo Galilei was an seventeenth century Italian astronomer, physicist, engineer, philosopher, and mathematician.

Quote: “Sir, who you gonna call?” – Dostoyevsky Sato

Location: Ghostbusters Firehouse/ECTO-1 Exterior


You’ll Need A Reference: Janine and Slimer aren’t in this episode. She probably took the call directly from Captain Ivan Kirov or the administrative body of NASA.

You’ll Need A Reference: National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an agency that’s independent of United States government. Some of NASA responsibilities include civilian space programs. As well as research in aeronautics and aerospace.

Location: Earth. Space Shuttle Exterior


It Just Popped In There: Unless NASA has an operations center that can also launch a space shuttle in NYC, we can presume The Real Ghostbusters took a flight to either Florida or Texas. Does that mean ECTO-1 is at long term parking at one of New York’s airports?

Location: Space. Space Shuttle Interior


  • “Hot diggity, a government contract. Big bucks here we come.” – Peter
  • “I don’t know Peter, I’m still concerned how the equipment is going to function in zero gravity. – Ray
  • “I’ve made some modifications on this extra equipment I brought. They may not be totally effective.” – Egon
  • “Don’t sweat it. No company with a government contract ever knows what its doing.” – Peter
  • “What if the stuff doesn’t work?” – Winston
  • “If it doesn’t work, you just charge more and do it again.” – Peter

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Bridge


Sorry, I Missed It: Ray’s elbow pad seems smaller then it should be. Maybe the material is being effected by space travel.


  • “Permission to bust some ghosts sir.” – Peter
  • “Hey, neither rain nor snow nor gloom of night nor depth of space can keep us from our expensive rounds.” – Peter

You’ll Need A Reference: Peter quotes what Americans associate as being a “mailman” creed. Which states: “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.”

However the United States Postal Service doesn’t have an official creed. The phrase comes from an inscription that resides on the James Farley Post Office in NYC. Its roots can be traced much further back in historical times. For example, ancient Persia.

Quotes: “Do these people look familiar to you?” – Winston

[after speaking with ray, to captain] “Pardon me captain, have we met before?” – Winston

“Don’t be ridiculous Winston. These people are astronauts, space explorers. They’ve been out exploring strange new worlds, seeking out new life and new civilizations.” – Peter


You’ll Need A Reference: The look of platform Galileo, the captain’s log, the delta like symbol on the uniforms, the astronauts looks, personalities, and some quotes are direct references to the 1960s science fiction show, Star Trek. Which was created by Gene Roddenberry.

It originally ran for 3 seasons on NBC from 1966-1969. After running in syndication during the 1970s, its popularity lead to an animated series and its first movie. In the 1980s and early 1990s Star Trek: The Motion Picture was followed by 5 sequels. The Original Series (TOS) popularity would also spin off to ST: TNG in the 1980s, ST: DS9 and ST: Voyager in the 1990s. A prequel show, ST: Enterprise ran for 4 seasons in the early 2000s.

Part of Peter’s quote is the mission statement that Captain Kirk, played by William Shatner said during Star Trek opening credits.


  • “And some new life has seek us out.” – Dostoyevsky Sato
  • “I will handle this. I’m the Keptin.” – Ivan Kirov


It’s Technical/Tobin’s Spirit Guide/Quote:

  • “Class I poltergeist? Free form floater? Ghost of launchings past?” – Ray
  • “More of a slimely ball of ooze, if you want to know the truth.” – McTavish
  • “Tobin’s Spirit Guide comes up blank.” – Ray

Its Technical/Quotes:

  • “Peter I’m getting a heavy reading of ectoplasmic activity from that general direction.” – Egon
  • [studying a PKE Meter] “Its empty ectoplasm. Their’s no psychokinetic energy accompanying it.” – Egon
  • “What does that mean?” – Peter
  • “The logical conclusion is it isn’t a real ghost.” – Egon

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Engineering


You’ll Need A Reference: The ghost is based on the comic book adaption from John Carpenter’s The Thing From Another World. It also reminds me somewhat of the aliens from Alien(s). Which prior to Ghostbusters starred Sigourney Weaver.

It..Doesn’t Make Sense: Peter, being repulsed by the “space ghost” comments about not putting marshmallows in his coca again. What does one have to do with the other? How many ugly looking ghosts have The Real Ghostbusters seen since they’ve been in business?

Its Technical/Quote:

  • [studying a PKE Meter] “Same basic make up as a Class IV free floating spirit.” – Egon
  • “When you talk like that, you remind me of an old ship mate.” – McTavish
  • “Indeed.” – Egon

You’ll Need A Reference: Harold Ramis, who co-created Ghostbusters and played Egon Spengler based his character on the scientific and logical Star Trek character, Mr. Spock.

Its Technical/Quotes:

  • “Go ahead and what? How do we know our ion rifles will work on that?” – Winston
  • “I’m fairly certain with the modifications we made ion streams will have an effect.” – Egon

It Just Popped In There: Have The Real Ghostbusters called the Neutrona Wands “ion rifles” before? I would have known more as a kid, with my reviews episodes aren’t always watched in order.


  • [after firing towards the ghost]
  • “Hmm, apparently feeding off the energy of our Proton Packs.” – Egon
  • “Obviously conventional entrapment methods are not going to be effective in immobilizing this ectoplasmic life form.” – Egon
  • “Are you sure you never served as a science officer?” – McTavish


  • “So it must have found a more interesting source of energy. Something it likes better. Something that will make it grow faster.” – Ray
  • “Like Wonder Bread?” – Peter

You’ll Need A Reference: Wonder Bread, is a brand of bread today made by Flower Foods in the US. The brand has been around since 1921 and was one of the first companies to sell its loaves sliced. Which is how Wonder Bread was advertised beginning in 1930. “The greatest thing since sliced bread!”

On a personal note this was the chosen bread of my 1980s childhood.

  • “No, like the energy from a portable nuclear accelerator.” – Egon

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Bridge



  • “Gentleman, this will not do at all. Not only have you not rid of creature, you have made things worse.” – Ivan Kirov

You’ll Need A Reference: In Star Trek: The Wrath Of Khan, which came out in 1982 Chekov and his then Captain are captured by Khan. He puts these little creatures in their ears, basically controlling them to do what he wants.

  • “Calm down little Ivan Keptin. We’ve just gotten started. Hey, we’re government contractors man. You’ve got to allow us a couple of muff chances. Its in the fine print.” – Peter

Sorry I Missed It: As Peter is relaying the government fine print, Peter’s eyes are closed until he’s finished. Unless he was thinking.

Its Technical: Egon’s working on a Proton Pack in the background.


  • I know what life support systems are, I’m the Keptin!” – Ivan Kirov

It Just Popped In There: Did Egon bring a reserve Proton Pack as they wouldn’t have access to additional equipment from ECTO-1? In case of emergency? After accidentally losing one? All of the above? Where was this spare Proton Pack when they came on board?

Its Technical/It Just Popped In There: Did the creature eat a Proton Pack? Or did it somehow figure out how to produce proton streams, eating them until the pack ran out of power?

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Engineering

Sorry, I Missed It: Somewhere between removing his proton pack and entering the room to communicate with the ghost Winston’s web/pistol belt disappears.


  • Good Winston, why don’t you ask it if it comes here often. What sign is it?” – Peter
  • “Don’t help.” – Winston
  • “Its looking for another energy source. You should be perfectly safe.” – Ray
  • “Yeah, and don’t worry. If he decides to eat you we’ll notify your next of kin.” – Peter

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Exterior

It Just Popped In There: I realize the people who designed and actually built the platform wouldn’t want just anyone at anytime shutting down essential systems. It seems pretty inconvenient to have to wear a space suit, go out into space, make your way down to the open lever, and manually pull it.

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Engineering

It Just Popped In There: With the gravity to that section of the platform turned off, how are the proton beams able to move “smoothly” at the creature in a ‘vacuum’ of space? Is it from the modifications?

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Center Platform

It Just Popped In There: Again with the gravity off, how are The Real Ghostbusters able to “drop” Ghost Traps to the floor?


Sorry, I Missed It: With the gravity off, the Ghost Traps float a little after “landing.”

Its Technical: Fortunately the modifications that were made to the equipment, such as the Ghost Traps work like usual.


Quote: “Government contracts. I love them. We’ve only just begun to tap the vast financial resources of our great nation.” – Peter

Location: Space. Platform Galileo Interior. Room: Hallway


It Just Popped In There: The Real Ghostbusters didn’t wear space suits on the way to Platform Galileo, (as astronauts would do) why put them on for the voyage home?


  • “Thank you. Why not come back and visit sometime? We could use the company” – Dostoyevsky Sato
  • “How long are you going to be up here?” – Winston
  • “We are on 5 year mission.” – Ivan Kirov
  • “Hmm, fascinating.” – Egon
  • “You’re right, he does remind me of a certain pointy eared science officer.” – Irahqua


The Real Ghostbusters adventures continue…