Ecto-Containment In The New Year


If you’ve been visiting Ecto-Containment (then Ectocontainment) since 2011 you’ve seen the growth of the site technological wise and through its up and down periods. Which were also a reflection of what I was personally going through. As 2014 was nearing the end, (prior to the holidays) I was sorta waiting with Ecto-Containment before working on site content as The Real Ghostbusters (and Ghostbusters news) had slowed down from what it was.

For Ecto-Containment the renewal of the domain was coming up in December. I had briefly considered not renewing it so I could eventually merge Ecto-Containment with Ghostbusters Inc. What if I changed my mind, what if I never do that? I would have run the risk of losing the branding for this site.

Besides working on site content for iRich (my personal blog which evolved in November) and GB Inc. I sorta needed to wait as Ecto-Containment will also need a space upgrade. I don’t know when I’ll do that. As it may depend on future content and/or financial obligations.

With 2014 coming to a close the one thing I knew I was going to do was begin a refresh for Ecto-Containment. I wanted to launch closer to two days ago. Of course, I was and am still catching up with site updates.

With the long windiness and semi excuses out of the way I welcome long time and new visitors to Ecto-Containment, the only ectocontaining The Real Ghostbusters website.

The refresh will be more then a theme and new title graphics. I’ll be going through the site when I can to possibly organize Ecto-Containment further. As I can take new pictures of my Kenner RGBs collection since photos still have the older Ectocontainment watermark.

Its meant so much that I can have multiple Ghostbusters sites where I can share my interests with the Ghostbusters franchise with ghostheads across the world. In 1984 I was a 6 year old fan growing up in a New Jersey suburb. 30 years later Ecto-Containment has had about 22,000 visitors in the last year from 89 countries.

Thank you very much for sharing those same interests in Ghostbusters with me. Whether its through Ecto-Containment, a related site, or their related social media accounts.

More Real Ghostbusters updates to come.

Rich aka Spengs

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