Sold Out Matty Collector Figures Shipped To Big Lots


Most ghostheads know by now that US retail chain, Big Lots! has and is selling “left over” Mattel/Matty Collector stock. This inventory is original and second run Ghostbusters and MOTUC items which Mattel over produced and later sold as part of a cyber deal last year. Regardless whether these items actually sold out during the sale or Mattel decided to end the sale after that day or week, at some point the inventory went to the few Mattel stores in the country. Then later was sold to Big Lots! where they’ve been and are showing up this summer.

A reason this is important to ghostheads is because Big Lots! have been receiving the once expensive Ghostbusters II 12” inch 2 packs. Up to today, ghostheads have been finding the Egon/Ray set. Depending on the inventory a particular store is getting, other once sold out 6” figures are being found. Like slime Peter Venkman, Vigo, Vince Clortho, and even rare Retro-Action Citizen Ghost Peter Venkman.

Many stores have received this inventory, it’s possible a location hasn’t yet and maybe, just maybe your nearby store will receive more inventory. Up until yesterday, their was a link on Big Lots! web site which informed customers if a particular location received this weekly deal. Best to call a store or check your nearby locations.

After last month and more financial obligations this month I was finally able to visit the Toms River, NJ Big Lots! Unfortunately at the time the Toms River location didn’t have any of the 12″ Ghostbusters II sets. I spoke to a cashier who told me when a shipment had come in, someone bought 3 of them. Hopefully it was a ghosthead and ghostheads will own them without a markup. She didn’t think they would be getting in any more as MOTUC had starting coming in. In fact that shipment was put on the shelves yesterday.

The only and I mean the only Mattel Ghostbusters item for sale was a Retro-Action Peter (without mailer) from Citizen Ghost. I didn’t buy it as I already own all the Retro-Action The Real Ghostbusters figures. I thought of getting it to sell, honestly I have other things I should be selling and thought like back in the day, maybe a parent might buy the figure for a kid. I like to be hopeful.

“I thought it was going to be He-Man.”

Big Lots! had 6 MOTUC figures, which included some 2 pack sets and two of the same 12″ inch figure.

“I don’t want to grow up…”

Like others (which had nothing to do with Ghostbusters) I also went to Toys ‘R US in Toms River and was a bit surprised to see 7 Matty Collector Retro Action Janine/Samhain 2 pack sets. They’re sorta on clearance for about $30.

I’m trying to find a ghosthead or family member who if they have or do find a 12” Ghostbusters II Egon/Ray set and would be willing to sell one to let me know. I’m definitely interested in buying one, I may have to wait until September to purchase. In the meantime I may go back to Big Lots! this week.


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