Rich Review: Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal

When I heard a new Ghostbusters cereal was coming this year, I knew if I could, I’d want to buy a box. To bring back the most nostalgia since the original, (Ecto-Containment Biog Post: October 8, 2014) collect the box, eat it, (the cereal) and review it.

As a ghosthead and occasional collector these days, I know how these things can go. While this new Ghostbusters cereal isn’t a retail exclusive, it probably won’t be around when Afterlife is actually in theaters. I knew not every store will carry this fan cereal. That’s the case as of this post. Based on using General Mills product locator, ghostheads social media posts and inquiries I’ve made to two major grocery retailers.

While I was feeling the excitement of being a ghosthead, I searched a “popular auction site” for this very cereal. Not to any ghosthead’s surprise scalpers were asking up to $50 for a box! A bit more searching through and I came across a superstore that sells food products. Directory Lanes had sold dozens of Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal for $11 USD before shipping. For that price I wouldn’t have to check every store in North Carolina for a new Ghostbusters food product!

It took 5 days to have Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal in my hands.

My First Impression

I had already known what the box looked like. To hold a new Ghostbusters cereal, a tie-in to the Ghostbusters film franchise was and is pretty cool. It made me smile, easily remembering Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters cereal from childhood.

For a cereal box, it’s designed pretty well. Partially because you don’t see black cereal boxes. Naturally the background for the new “no ghost” logo works well. A floating bowl with confinement streams around it. The bowl could have been a ghost trap. Maybe that would have been “a little much.”

I think most ghostheads would have attributed the happy Stay-Pufts to being a major part of Ghostbusters. On April 7, 2021 Sony revealed through their Ghostbusters YouTube channel a kinda, sorta Ghostbusters Afterlife clip. Featuring the Mini-Pufts!

What Is Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal?

In what seems like a missed cereal opportunity the white marshmallow ghosts are either generic “sheet” ghosts or might represent part of the iconic Ghostbusters logo. Instead of representing a different fictional brand. The blue marshmallow ghost is Muncher, a ghost first seen during the Ghostbusters Afterlife trailer. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 2, 2020) The non marshmallow part is basically Kix, dyed.

“Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Ghostbuster?”

The back of Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal is pure fun. It reminds me of 1980s childhood cereals. Muncher could have appeared to eat the box. Road signs are more his thing according to the trailer.

Alongside Ghostbusters/Afterlife imagery are questions (well more like a quiz) from Ghostbusters International to see if you have what it takes to become a Ghostbuster.

The Actual Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal

We’ve seen the computerized version of what Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal looks like. After opening my box, click right to see the real thing!

How Does Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal Taste?

In my head I had a creative idea on how to present and photograph Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal. Partially without professional equipment this is real world, non marketing photos.

From the beginning it was a safe assumption that the sweetened corn puffs are Kix, just a fruity version. Occasionally over the years a cereal company will make a pinkish cereal. From memory, it was strawberry flavored. General Mills doesn’t commit to that flavor. These little “pebbles” are a bit sweet as advertised. Yet my taste buds still think strawberry. At 43, I liked it. Not enough to start buying similar cereals.

If you’re wondering, the best strawberry flavored cereals in the past decade + were Honeycombs from Post, (Sorry, Big G.) and an Amazing Spider-Man one. In that cereal the marshmallows were lizards.

Speaking of marshmallows like basically any cereals that contain them, “Muncher” and “No Ghost” aren’t well defined. They taste like every other marshmallow found in cereals since 1980 something.

Overall I enjoy Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal. I’m happy Sony and General Mills brought a new Ghostbusters cereal to ghostheads of all ages. I don’t need to buy a second 10.2 oz box. Maybe the family size if I can find one.

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