Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal Information

General Mills more exciting in real life than in print information for Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal! Product Details “Ghostbusters Cereal is a fruity flavored crunchy cereal with ghost and Ectoplasm marshmallows. Fruity flavored sweetened corn puffs with marshmallows No artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn syrup Good source of calcium and vitamin D Box Tops for … More Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal Information

Ghostbusters Cereal To Return

If you believe Walmart, (cereal listing) Ghostbusters cereal (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 8, 2014) is returning in time for GHOSTBUSTERS Afterlife. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, January 2, 2020) Which this year, would have been at the earliest June 11, 2021. Recently Sony Pictures pushed Ghostbusters Afterlife to November 11, 2021. While some related toys and collectibles … More Ghostbusters Cereal To Return

More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise

Months ago I came across a couple of auctions on a popular auction site for  more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise. Since I don’t know when these were made and sold (perhaps they still are) and they’re newer then the Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise I’ve written about (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 15, 2015) and found them interesting … More More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise

NYCC 2015: Ghostbusters Kicks

Josh Pell, designer and founder of Nookiee unveiled at this years’s NYCC Ghostbusters footwear. These high end kicks (yeah I’m cool) besides being stylish (depending on your age and tastes) emulate our favorite Ghostbusters (which is all of them naturally) along with additional designs featuring the “no ghost” logo and Gozer. My friend Tom Gebhardt (center … More NYCC 2015: Ghostbusters Kicks

Ghostbusters Jelly Pops (Yet Again, If You’re In The UK)

To add sugar to the American blood stream Kingsways (presumably) is producing Ghostbusters Jelly Pops. What the heck is a jelly pop? :p The language isn’t a barrier. These lolly pops (man, that doesn’t sound very American) come in three choices, a “no ghost” logo, (ooh) Slimer, and something that could hurt you if you … More Ghostbusters Jelly Pops (Yet Again, If You’re In The UK)

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Foods (Again, If You’re In The UK)

During the Summer some ghostheads were posting that they could buy Stay-Puft marshmallows (I believe they come in a regular size also) at stores. The design (not currently pictured on Ecto-Containment) had Mr. Stay-Puft (probably like above) in front of a American flag. As it should be. :p The problem is, (at least for those … More Stay-Puft Marshmallow Foods (Again, If You’re In The UK)

Ghostbusters Candy (If You’re In The UK)

Retail barcode, a United Kingdom based retail blog has let ghostheads know (we knew this candy existed before then) that Kingsway, based out of of Loughborough UK makes Ghostbusters popping candy. I’m guessing these are similar to ‘Wonka’ Nerds candy. They come in two flavors, apple and strawberry. If nerd candy (the popping) kind isn’t to … More Ghostbusters Candy (If You’re In The UK)