Stay-Puft Marshmallow Foods (Again, If You’re In The UK)


During the Summer some ghostheads were posting that they could buy Stay-Puft marshmallows (I believe they come in a regular size also) at stores. The design (not currently pictured on Ecto-Containment) had Mr. Stay-Puft (probably like above) in front of a American flag. As it should be. :p

The problem is, (at least for those of us on the “other side of the pond”) these American marshmallows are in the United Kingdom. Previously two different food and beverage companies in the US produced (Ecto-Containment Blog, May 7, 2012) Stay-Puft marshmallows. First in cube shaped caffeinated form and then regular mini marshmallows.

If’s too late in the day to snack on fluffy white and pink marshmallows, this next spread may be more to your liking.


Breakfast? On the go? Grab a case of Stay-Puft Spread. A not healthy American (that’s right Mr. Stay-Puft proudly stands beside the United States flag) product that costs £1. Seems like a great deal for 12 containers of marshmallow spread featuring a famous fictional movie character.

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