Hot Wheels The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-1


Previously Mattel’s die cast brand Hot Wheels has produced and sold (GB Inc. Blog Post, December 12, 2014) ECTO-1s in various sizes. Less then a year later on the cusp of The Real Ghostbusters 30th anniversary Mattel finally made an Ecto-1, “as seen in the hit series The Real Ghostbusters.”

If you want your RGBs Hot Wheels to have more of a “on duty” feel, their’s also a glow in the dark version. Which was a Mexican comic con exclusive. They’re marked up on a popular auction site upwards of $80 USD. The regular version, hopefully to be found at retailers on and off-line should cost considerably less. And what about that sweet card?


Personal opinion naturally, Mattel/Hot Wheels should have used artwork from earlier seasons. Janine is the give a way. To be fair (I guess) to them they also used the same artwork with their Retro-Action line.

Photos Sources:

  • T-Hunted (Hot Wheels RGBs Ecto-1)
  • Toys Inc (Card)

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