Ghostbusters Jelly Pops (Yet Again, If You’re In The UK)


To add sugar to the American blood stream Kingsways (presumably) is producing Ghostbusters Jelly Pops. What the heck is a jelly pop? :p The language isn’t a barrier. These lolly pops (man, that doesn’t sound very American) come in three choices, a “no ghost” logo, (ooh) Slimer, and something that could hurt you if you don’t have self control, Mr. Stay-Puft.

I love how they have an almost home made feel to them. They’re big enough you want (and probably do) play with them before finally and maybe a bit sadly eating them into oblivion.

Each Jelly Pop costs around 95p.

Photo Source: Sweet Shop Burford (Instagram)


3 thoughts on “Ghostbusters Jelly Pops (Yet Again, If You’re In The UK)

    • If you’re in the UK, they should be in stores that would carry these types of licensed candy products.

      If you aren’t, (depending on what country you’re in) you might be able to order these Ghostbusters candy products on-line. I did see UK food sites selling them. Pretty sure they aren’t (probably because they can’t) shipping to North America.

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