Stay-Puft Marshmallows Around A Summer Campfire


The second US version of Ghostbusters Stay-Puft marshmallows.

You may remember in October I wrote a few posts about Ghostbusters confectionaries. (Ecto-Containment Tag) That is if you live in either the UK or a country where they can be shipped to. Since I imagine the cost of shipping candy which will either melt or expire could be very costly for an international company, in North America we either wrote about them or dealt with our emotions. Or both. 😀

One of those confectionaries, Stay-Puft Marshmallows. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 13, 2015) Continue reading

Slimerz Bubble Gum


During the 1980s in America we had The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Plazm Bubble Gum. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 12, 2013) Their was also that bubble game flavored toothpaste (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 13, 2013) for when kids thought it was awesome to brush their teeth with a bubble game flavor. Sadly the time would come when Ghostbusters gum would be a thing from a bygone era. The sands of time would slowly make what’s old a new again.

Thirty years later the United Kingdom of Ghostbusters candy makers bring ghostheads and people who can appreciate fine gum balls, Slimerz. Yes, with a z. Why a z? Have they been to JerZey lately? Are they being extreme?

Slimerz are gum balls that for another reason have “no ghost” logos on the outside, but are filled with a green (“slime”) liquid center. Since I’m pretty far from London right now, I can’t personally tell you more about Slimerz.

A UK Halloween site which reviews such products can. Check out Halloween Love, then go to a store to get Ghostbusters candy to send to me. 😀 I’m serious. Maybe.

Photo Source: Halloween Love

Ghostbusters Jelly Pops (Yet Again, If You’re In The UK)


To add sugar to the American blood stream Kingsways (presumably) is producing Ghostbusters Jelly Pops. What the heck is a jelly pop? :p The language isn’t a barrier. These lolly pops (man, that doesn’t sound very American) come in three choices, a “no ghost” logo, (ooh) Slimer, and something that could hurt you if you don’t have self control, Mr. Stay-Puft.

I love how they have an almost home made feel to them. They’re big enough you want (and probably do) play with them before finally and maybe a bit sadly eating them into oblivion.

Each Jelly Pop costs around 95p.

Photo Source: Sweet Shop Burford (Instagram)

Stay-Puft Marshmallow Foods (Again, If You’re In The UK)


During the Summer some ghostheads were posting that they could buy Stay-Puft marshmallows (I believe they come in a regular size also) at stores. The design (not currently pictured on Ecto-Containment) had Mr. Stay-Puft (probably like above) in front of a American flag. As it should be. :p

The problem is, (at least for those of us on the “other side of the pond”) these American marshmallows are in the United Kingdom. Previously two different food and beverage companies in the US produced (Ecto-Containment Blog, May 7, 2012) Stay-Puft marshmallows. First in cube shaped caffeinated form and then regular mini marshmallows.

If’s too late in the day to snack on fluffy white and pink marshmallows, this next spread may be more to your liking. Continue reading

Ghostbusters Candy (If You’re In The UK)


Retail barcode, a United Kingdom based retail blog has let ghostheads know (we knew this candy existed before then) that Kingsway, based out of of Loughborough UK makes Ghostbusters popping candy. I’m guessing these are similar to ‘Wonka’ Nerds candy. They come in two flavors, apple and strawberry. If nerd candy (the popping) kind isn’t to your liking Kingsway also makes Ghostbusters chocolate. Yes Please! 😀  Continue reading

Stay-Puft Returns, Marshmallows That Is


The weekend before Free Comic Book Day I was contacted by Mr. David Garth from the Parallax Corporation. He was telling me in a sentence most likely along with every major Ghostbusters fan site that the company has a new license to make and sell Stay-Puft marshmallows. And they already are!

Previously Omni Consumer Products had a license to make and sell Stay-Puft marshmallows. Their product contained squarish caffeinated marshmallows in a collectible rectangular box for $20. Unfortunately one of my boxes already past its expiration date when I received it.

New company, new ideas. Parallax Corporation’s box is probably more in line with how The Stay-Puft Corporation, if it really existed would be selling their delicious marshmallow treat in today’s snack world. It’s very competitive I’m sure. Only difference is they would never show an angry Mr. Stay Puft. Since this is for Ghostbusters fans, makes sense. If a fan didn’t want to display it that way all they would need to do is turn the box around.

Like O.C.P, Parallax Corporation is selling Stay-Puft marshmallows through Think Geek for a less costly price of $7.99. Which is feasible considering the new marshmallows are mini. Each box contains approx. 45 of them!

There is one caveat though. While I didn’t see this on the site, Chris from Proton Charging reported that Think Geek can’t ship the new Stay-Puft marshmallows outside the United States.