Slimer Bubble Gum Toothpaste


As a kid growing up in the 1980s I was in the demographic of companies who marketed licensed products with children’s characters on them. This constantly happened with toy companies. Some of our favorite cartoon series were designed to sell us toys. These characters from comic books, video games, and certainly cartoons were on any product imaginable kids just had to have. This also includes hygienic products which isn’t much different from today.

Other The Real Ghostbusters hygienic products included a bathroom set which had a white toothbrush with The Real Ghostbusters logo on the handle. That sounds right. I never owned one because if I had to guess it came out when I was older. I’ve seen them on a popular auction site. It doesn’t seem right to buy a used bathroom set. Their was also this pretend shaving set (which I don’t own, would like to) for when you need to shave your already smooth face. You wanted to be like your dad, he didn’t have the heart to tell you some day having to shave isn’t all that exciting. Their was also Slimer bubble bath.


I vaguely remember toothbrushes with characters on them. At least I think I do. I know toothpaste companies marketed toothpaste with their own characters for children. Without minutes of unnecessary research I don’t know if their were other licensed character toothpastes. If you had to pick two popular franchises, you can’t go wrong with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Real Ghostbusters. What other cartoon characters from around that time love to eat? True, Pac-Man is based on a pizza with a slice missing. “What about those Italian guys Rich?” Okay, the list can’t be that long.

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Slimer toothpaste (with fluoride, whatever that really is) possibly came out around 1991. I was already in middle school and children based toothpastes were passing me by. I don’t remember if I had even heard of The Real Ghostbusters/Slimer toothpaste at the time. Twenty two years later I would confess if I had ever used this toothpaste. I could have never admitted it in 7th grade. It wouldn’t have been from young peer pressure either.


Perio Products (today Perio Inc.) from Dublin, Ohio (who makes the shaving cream your dad and barbershops use) distributed The Real Ghostbusters and Slimer toothpaste. It came in three flavors, bubble gum, grape, (just like the gum, please kids don’t eat the toothpaste) and the usual mint. It doesn’t contain any sugar. Yeah, its bubble game flavor, still its toothpaste. Kids didn’t really need a disclaimer.

Slimer, showing how no one really cares about The Real Ghostbusters 😦 and moments earlier having held his iron clad contract then points to his name written in toothpaste. Because of this, the other packaging may have omitted The Real Ghostbusters logo.


Slimer Fluoride Toothpaste naturally helps to fight cavities from snack cake and cheesy products. None of them are sponsors of Ecto-Containment. If your parents bought you the very specific The Real Ghostbusters Fluoride Rinse, your kid teeth (which will be replaced naturally) reduces cavities by 40%. Notice Perio doesn’t give percentages without using the rinse they made.

The Real Ghostbusters Slimer toothpaste was also sold in the United Kingdom. As Ghoulish Minty Gel. The box graphics are more detailed then its United States counterpart. If you know who made/distributed the toothpaste in the UK, please leave a comment.

Just like any good company advertising to kids a commercial was made to sell us on the fact we could have brushed our teeth with a gel that resembles slime. This could be a separate post, I like how The Real Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters products were animated and told a story. The animation just seemed to work for these products.

You can watch the video on Spook Central. Its near the bottom of the merchandise page.

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