Ghostbusters Candy (If You’re In The UK)


Retail barcode, a United Kingdom based retail blog has let ghostheads know (we knew this candy existed before then) that Kingsway, based out of of Loughborough UK makes Ghostbusters popping candy. I’m guessing these are similar to ‘Wonka’ Nerds candy. They come in two flavors, apple and strawberry. If nerd candy (the popping) kind isn’t to your liking Kingsway also makes Ghostbusters chocolate. Yes Please! 😀 


Slimer chocs (American translation, chocolate) are presumably Slimer shaped chocolate candy with a green cream filling to naturally simulate ectoplasmic residue. Sounds delicious right?

No word if these will arrive on North American shores. Hopefully the US will also have new Ghostbusters candy in the next year.

Photos Source: Retail barcode


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