New Ecto-Containment Layout


A short post (let’s put it this way, not as long as others) to confirm what you’re already seeing. That not even 5 full months later I’ve once again clicked some buttons and changed Ecto-Containment’s design and layout. As you scroll down you’ll see a curved shape. Its suppose to resemble some fancy piano. To me, its more of an upside down P.K.E Meter. 😀

Unlike back in May (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, May 11, 2015) their shouldn’t be any major changes. Except for maybe one, their is an RSS feed icon the template has by default. I don’t have separate RSS software, it doesn’t work for me. If you have an RSS app, it should work. Feel free to comment to confirm.

Otherwise it’ll be somewhat business as unusual as Ecto-Containment moves into October. This would include Ghostbusters news and site content.

Photo Source: The Real Ghostbusters. Season 1, Episode 11, Citizen Ghost


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