Stay-Puft Marshmallows Around A Summer Campfire


The second US version of Ghostbusters Stay-Puft marshmallows.

You may remember in October I wrote a few posts about Ghostbusters confectionaries. (Ecto-Containment Tag) That is if you live in either the UK or a country where they can be shipped to. Since I imagine the cost of shipping candy which will either melt or expire could be very costly for an international company, in North America we either wrote about them or dealt with our emotions. Or both. 😀

One of those confectionaries, Stay-Puft Marshmallows. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 13, 2015)

With a new Ghostbusters movie on the horizon with new Ghostbusters merchandise from plenty of licenses on the way it was surprising that Sony’s Consumer Division hadn’t licensed a company (for a third time) to bring ghostheads Stay-Puft marshmallows.

Ladies and gentleman, that’s about to change.


Sony Pictures Consumer Products and Campfire brand marshmallows (Kraft, you’ve failed this fan base) have come together to bring ghostheads Ghostbusters Marshmallows. Why not just Stay-Puft? Campfire, (where Ray Stantz enjoyed marshmallows at Camp Waconda) has both Stay-Puft and Slimer shaped marshmallows.

Candy Industry: (Really, that’s the site!)

The Ghostbusters vanilla-flavored marshmallows will be shaped as the iconic Stay Puft Marshmallow Man (white) and the popular Slimer (green) movie characters, he adds. Campfire Ghostbusters marshmallows will be available in a 12- or 20-oz. lay down bags in display-ready cases or various consumer friendly displays.


Mark Caplan, senior v.p. for Sony Pictures Consumer Products concurs, saying that, Campfire is the perfect addition to our ever expanding offering of consumer products. We are thrilled about the potential of their product being available at many retailers across the world.

Candy Industry article.

I’d imagine these will be at retailers in June. Naturally before July 15, 2016 when Ghostbusters (2016) is in theaters. When we find out, we’ll write s’mores. 😉


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