Rich Review: Ghostbusters Stay Puft Cereal From Funko


In 2019 for Ghostbusters 35th Anniversary Funko made not 1, but 2 Ghostbusters branded cereals. The first, Ghostbusters Slimer Funko’s. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, July 16, 2019) The second and probably final Funko’s Ghostbusters cereal was in association with The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Corporation. Well, if it really existed.

Box Art

When I first saw this box compared to Slimer Funko’s, in the world of Ghostbusters that is what this imagery felt like. What if prior to Ghostbusters, the Stay-Puft brand cashed in on their famous mascot with a kids themed breakfast cereal? The pastel colors reminded me of the 80s.

As an aside I ordered this FYE Exclusive on-line even though I could have bought it in store multiple times. I feared it would be damaged in delivery. No, Mr. Stay-Puft didn’t get a hold of it. FYE’s shipping center in NY didn’t use a bigger box, properly bubble wrap a thin and fragile cereal box, or cushion the product to further protect it.

Similar to Slimer Funko’s, Funko did more than a nice job with its classic like look and reminding us of “better times.” Again, my creative nitpick is with the side art.


The Ghostbusters weren’t always anti Stay-Puft. I’m willing to bet Ray Stantz still thinks The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man will never hurt anybody. Why couldn’t Funko have used the original Ghostbusters “no ghost” logo where “no Stay-Puft” is. Then they could have put a much smaller version of that logo or the 35th “no ghost” logo in the “o” in Funko’s. Although compared to the Slimer Funko’s box, I’m okay with the placement of the Ghostbusters 35th anniversary logo.


At 41 I really didn’t enjoy Slimer Funko’s. Would I like the Stay-Puft version?

Ghostbusters (Stay Puft) cereal came out in June 2019 as an FYE exclusive. Similar to the Slimer counterpart, after shipping from NY, it sat atop of my fridge, sometimes while it was pretty hot outside. Occasionally 80 something degrees at Ecto-Containment HQ. It was inside for a shorter time.

You would think a cereal that is reminiscent of yesteryear and based on a marshmallow man would have mini marshmallow shapes in it. Funko didn’t deviate from its Funko’s formula. Marshmallows vaguely resembling a marshmallow man would have made Stay Puft Funko’s look better.

With the pinkish circular color I had hoped this cereal might have an artificial strawberry taste to it. I opened the bag and tried some without milk. It is similarly sweet as Slimer Funko’s. It seemed like it had a bit of a naturally artificial strawberry texture. A case of the choice was made and it happened. Or did my neurons bring back cereal memories? I just don’t know.

Even without 2% milk I liked these Funko’s and could see finishing this one box.

The Toy Inside

Portions of this review are pretty much the same as my Slimer Funko’s write up.

Did kids and a 41 year old really eat any kid cereal for the cereal? Well maybe. It was the “cheap” toy inside at the bottom of the box we really wanted. Funko’s sorta didn’t disappoint.

Ghostbusters (Stay Puft) cereal comes with a Stay-Puft Pocket Pop! This pocket sized Funko styled Stay-Puft is thankfully at the bottom of the box and not inside a bag of stuck together cereal.

Taking a small Stay-Puft out of a cereal box didn’t quite invoke the feelings of being 8 at breakfast time. As an adult having a collectible toy did add extra value to a collectible cereal that costs more than cereals at the grocery store you go to the most.


I hadn’t owned any previous Pocket Pops! before Funko’s. This little Stay-Puft is made well enough. I did notice while taking photos the paint was a bit spotty and their may be some kind of indentation. The expression and being a small toy that one can pocket can quickly make you forget any of that. I could have easily played with this Stay-Puft at eight, um I mean 41 years old.

The Future Of Ghostbusters Cereal

I don’t know if Funko will make any new Ghostbusters cereals around Ghostbusters 2020 being in theaters. I love the idea behind these cereals. I’d rather see Sony and a cereal company produce a Ghostbusters or even multiple Ghostbusters cereals somewhat like from childhood. With boxes that aren’t exclusive to this retailer or that retailer.



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