More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise


Months ago I came across a couple of auctions on a popular auction site for  more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise. Since I don’t know when these were made and sold (perhaps they still are) and they’re newer then the Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise I’ve written about (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 15, 2015) and found them interesting I thought I’d share them.


Ghostbusters keychains in the United States are limited in their use of licensed characters, are smaller, and don’t include stretchy slime green cording. Here we’ve had rubberized versions of the “no ghost” logo.

The four at least that have been available in Japan have a in your face “no ghost” logo, top half of a thankfully happy Stay-Puft Marshmallow man, (reminds me of The Real Ghostbusters) and a full Mr. Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. Ready for a close up or not, he’s still happy.


Ghostbusters keychains may be a conversation starter. If we’re not in Japan (or maybe if you are) one or both of these earphone jacks certainly should.

I guess protecting a cell phone’s audio port from dust is either a real problem in Japan or a 120,965,000 JPY industry. The United States have plenty of “why didn’t I think of that?” products. I’ve never seen dust protecting earphone jack plugs in stores. A check for the purposes of this post does confirm similar products line do exist. I don’t see anything licensed like these. Either way they’ll never be as great as Stay-Puft hanging off your Japanese fruit phone keeping dust bunnies from forming.

The licensee behind these could have just used the design from their Stay-Puft key chains. Someone with real powaahh knows their history and knew an angry Stay-Puft who despises the Ghostbusters with no real insight would have sales through the Ghostbusters HQ firehouse roof!

If you’re interested in owning either or both Japanese Ghostbusters items, they’re still currently for sale from an eBay seller with the handle of toyko-never. I believe the items he sells are shipped from France.

  1. Japanese Ghostbusters Keychains
  2. Japanese Ghostbusters Earphone Jacks

*edit* Memoriesofoldboy, a ghosthead and contributor of my network of sites shared a link on Amazon Japan for the earphone jacks. If you’re able to buy them, they cost ¥749 or $6.15 USD as of this moment. Of course before shipping and any applicable taxes.

Photos Source:  toyko-never (eBay)


9 thoughts on “More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise

    • What do you see all the time, the earphone jack dust protector? Do you know what they cost?

      I can’t say 100% they’re exclusive to Japan. Their doesn’t seem to be a definite way to confirm. I’ve never seen until my post any ghosthead globally bring these products up.

      Fortunately for domestic (US) and international merchandise the known GB news sites have webmasters in the US, Canada, and at least Italy. For some reason (most likely language barrier?) Japanese ghostheads either don’t have similar sites or with the sometimes exclusivity with the merchandise don’t talk about the products and/or more through known English ghostheads sites.

      Maybe some of that merchandise isn’t a big deal to Japanese Ghostbusters fans and maybe what they have is common place. We’re in ‘awe’ in North America because some of that merchandise isn’t common place or was never sold here.


  1. All of them, The keyrings, earphone jack protector along with things like USB sticks, stickers and little items like that. Why I thought they weren’t exclusives to Japan was because I mainly saw them in shops that catered to international toys and retro stuff. Have the “no ghost” keychain on my key set. The earphone jack protector is about 700-900 Yen in stores on the street. About $7 or $8? Had a quick look on Amazon Japan and they sell them for around 700 Yen. Here’s the link!

    *edit* Removed very long link which went beyond the layout. Its been added to the original post.


    • That makes sense and I understand why you thought they weren’t exclusive, assuming any of them are. Probably some corporate types would really know for sure.

      I don’t normally think like this, Ghostbusters was very originally an American property, created by a Canadian. 😉 Of course through the ’80s it went to more countries worldwide. And yeah it is ‘old,’ that covers the retro part.

      I’d never want to put you in a difficult position, if you could ever get photos of these kinds of merchandise to share with us, I’d like to see them. Naturally give you credit.

      Thanks for providing more information, pricing, and a link on Amazon Japan. As dumb as this may seem it didn’t occur to me (to look at photos) to check Amazon Japan for anything Ghostbusters related. I will when I have a chance. 8)

      The link coding is way too long, I’ll remove it from the comment. I’ll see if I can add it to the original post.


  2. No problem. I’ll try to take a photo if I see something. These particular items such as the keychains have been around for a while though and there aren’t as many as before. Today I went to a chain shop called ‘Village Vanguard’ where you can usually find these kind of items. The Ghostbusters section has gotten smaller since I last went and it seems that once the items are sold they don’t get anymore in. What was mostly left was stickers and would you believe it, Ghostbusters II bubble gum cards. I’ll check other Village Vanguard shops when I get the chance but I’ll be visiting my hometown for Christmas so it won’t be until the New Year until I can have a good look around. Until then I can send you some pictures of T-Shirts I picked up here from ‘Uniqlo’ during the summer if you like. What’s the best way to pass photos on to you?


    • Thank you, I appreciate it. I think some other ghostheads will as well. You can either email them to me at spengs @ ecto-containment dot com. Or if you use a file sharing service, email me with the link(s).

      I’m not at all surprised a Ghostbusters section at these type of stores has less and less merchandise in recent years. Probably because of the licenses not producing certain items any more. Most likely not enough demand for the stores to somehow stock the ‘older’ items.

      If I hadn’t seen a photo in the last year, I might have been more surprised about the Ghostbusters II trading cards with the stale gum. I don’t know if the was the Village Vanguard stores you mentioned. I think it was last year, photos were posted (around the time of the Ghostbusters burgers at that one restaurant I and other ghostheads posted about) of a store that had new and older Ghostbusters merchandise. I’m pretty sure the store a fan posted photos from had wrapped Ghostbusters II trading cards.

      I have a pack I got with a mixed eBay auction in recent years that included a wrapped pack, still has the gum. For some reason some sellers think that’s a selling point. Not to me, I get where they may be coming from.

      Not a rush about visiting other stores for this kind of stuff. Whether its in Japan or back home. 😉

      Since my last reply I went through Amazon Japan and Rakuten. I found quite a few Ghostbusters items that best I know aren’t available in North America. I can probably get a couple of posts from those. 😀


  3. Thank you.
    Yes, I’m hoping to see some Ghostbuster merchandise when I go back home too. Hopefully things like Stay Puff Marshmallows or Stay Puff spread. No idea if they reached my hometown but we have some UK owned Supermarkets there so maybe.

    That Burger joint you mentioned. If it’s the one in Tokyo you are talking about then yes it’s probably the same shop ‘Village Vanguard’ since it’s just a short walk from there.
    I found it funny that they had to put a “Do not Eat” sign on the box of those trading cards. I guess anyone under 20 here has no idea what Ghostbusters is nor do they recognize the logo but at the same time only fans of the movie would be buying it so surely they can tell the item is over 20 years old.


    • I hope you can get some of that exclusive to UK (or Europe depending on where the on-line retailers ship to) candy I’ve written about or yeah the Stay-Puft “brand” marshmallows or fluff/spread. Wish some ‘novelty’ food and beverage companies here would get into producing both Stay-Puft Marshmallows again and why not make Ghostbusters candy.

      I don’t know about internationally, in the US Kraft Foods should have a licensing deal with Sony. They already make marshmallows and they’re called Jet-Puff. It could be a perfect cross promotion.

      If you do find or buy any of the UK food products and feel like reviewing them, I’d be happy to share any reviews.

      Yes, J.S Burgers Cafe in Tokyo. With their GBs themed meals and customized (not sure if its approved by Sony, probably not) “no ghost” logo.

      Here’s the post I wrote about them on GB Inc:

      I would agree. It does seem ironic that Village Vanguard felt the need to tell people not to eat the gum. I guess they figure in case some young people don’t understand they shouldn’t eat nearly 27 year old gum.

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