Japanese Magazine Quanto Ghostbusters Advertising

A Japanese toy and hobby magazine called Quanto, (no exact English translation that I’m aware of, if it isn’t Spanish) had a 2011 issue where they had photos of Ghostbusters merchandise from Diamond Select Toys, Factory Entertainment, Hot Wheels, Matty Collector, Rubies, and whomever has a license for Ghostbusters t-shirts in Japan.

Matthew Jordan who oversees Ghostbusters Wiki shared the scans he had. It’s possible I had seen the scans before this week as I had a slight dejá vu feeling about it. With my interests in Japanese culture and international Ghostbusters merchandise I wanted to know more.

Ghosthead and member of NYC Ghostbusters Christopher Beaumont added a cover image from an eBay auction and provided additional information.

In the meantime Matthew shared an article with two videos about the photo shoot for this issue of Quanto.


April 2011, Issue 269

By the time this issue was published some of the merchandise, particularly Matty Collector’s 12 inch Ghostbusters figures had been around since 2009. Long “sold out” by April 2011. Unfortunately I don’t have full page scans which could be converted to PDF files for preservation. Its the best we have for now and its still neat to see a publication showing off multiple pages of Ghostbusters merchandise.

This blog article from Yahoo Japan talks about the photo shoot, showing off some of the merchandise. It seems to be mostly about the custom Ghostbusters props, which adds to the Rubie’s female Ghostbusters costume. That blog also has two videos posted showing off a prop Ghost Trap and Proton Pack. Photos of the replica pack made Issue 269.

Photo Sources:

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