Ghostbusters Daruma Club Stay Puft Figure

When there’s something immediately happening in Japan with Ghostbusters, all I need to do is see a tweet/or re-tweet from Ghostbusters Japan. (Twitter) This is where I recently learned a new Ghostbusters collectible is coming out and it seems so Japanese. I say that with the highest of compliments. As on-line software translation isn’t perfect I … More Ghostbusters Daruma Club Stay Puft Figure

Japanese Magazine Quanto Issue 269

Last month Matthew Jordan from Ghostbusters Wiki shared scans he had from a Japanese hobby/toy magazine (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 12, 2015) called Quanto. At the time all we had were photos of scans which weren’t all full pages. Ghosthead and member of NYC Ghostbusters Christopher Beaumont added a cover image from an eBay auction. If that was it, I’d still be … More Japanese Magazine Quanto Issue 269

Amazon Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise

After writing about more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise (Ecto-Containment Blog Post. December 12, 2015) memoriesofoldboy and I had an 8 comment conversation about Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise. As you may have read I didn’t originally think to check Amazon Japan for Ghostbusters merchandise. I also would do the same with Rakuten. The idea was to look at Ghostbusters merchandise … More Amazon Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise

More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise

Months ago I came across a couple of auctions on a popular auction site for  more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise. Since I don’t know when these were made and sold (perhaps they still are) and they’re newer then the Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise I’ve written about (GB Inc. Blog Post, January 15, 2015) and found them interesting … More More Current Japanese Ghostbusters Merchandise

Japanese Magazine Quanto Ghostbusters Advertising

A Japanese toy and hobby magazine called Quanto, (no exact English translation that I’m aware of, if it isn’t Spanish) had a 2011 issue where they had photos of Ghostbusters merchandise from Diamond Select Toys, Factory Entertainment, Hot Wheels, Matty Collector, Rubies, and whomever has a license for Ghostbusters t-shirts in Japan. Matthew Jordan who … More Japanese Magazine Quanto Ghostbusters Advertising

My Ghostbusters Japanese Merchandise

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich If you’re a ghosthead and read the comments in my blog post about Universal considering bringing back (GBI) the Ghostbusters Spooktacular this year you would have learned for the first time about my fascination with Japan. If you’re Japanese or from Japan I mean no disrespect. Yeah, I’m an American. … More My Ghostbusters Japanese Merchandise

Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise

Yesterday I wrote about and shared our Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program. If you were wondering I don’t have a Ghostbusters II Japanese program to archive and share. Today I wanted to discuss (well talk about) that internationally Ghostbusters merchandise and collecting was ahead of its time (or got the ball rolling…wait, was their a Ghostbusters … More Ghostbusters Japanese Movie Program Merchandise