Rakuten Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise


On Christmas I wrote a lengthy blog post about Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise found on Amazon Japan. I’m going to write a lengthier blog post about Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise listed on Rakuten. (Global) Clear the rest of your day. And tomorrow.

Handy Disclaimer

Links provided were translated by Rakuten into “simple English.”

Paper Book Cover


Add to the list of reasons Japan is great. Ghostbusters book covers, specified for paper 😉 that includes Ghostbusters book marks! Why can’t we have such a collectible in the United States?

I find it interesting that the company behind these book covers include some kind of instructions on how to use a bookmark. Just a common courtesy? While these were designed to wrap around book covers, they look like they should be framed and hanging on a museum wall.

The art is a mix of (at least) North Amercian studio imagery and possibly art that is exclusive to Japan. Including a Stay-Puft panel which is duplicated on the final t-shirt I wrote about. I guess it’s official after all.

Paper Book Cover link.


Their are those times I’ll see Ghostbusters merchandise, (domestic or internationally) possibly question its authenticity, and wonder how it fits into Ghostbusters popular culture.

These baseball hats fit into that criteria. Seems licensed with the “no ghosts” and title (with trademark) stitching. Then their’s that word above the logo.

What’s a thrasher? Is it a music/metal style? While I don’t believe these can be bought in US retail stores I have seen them occasionally for sale on a popular US auction site.

Thrasher hat link.

A pocketable hat isn’t unique to Japan, with multiple Ghostbusters imagery, it may just be. The inside of the cap may be cooler then the hats themselves. If you live in a country where this item or a similar one is sold I’d be interested.

It isn’t a deal breaker, for the bag that can attach to one’s jeans I wouldn’t have included a square “no ghost logo.” Also, how good is the pocket? Maybe it holds yen securely for example.

Pocketable Cap link.

These 5 Ghostbusters winter hats remind me of creative and experienced people who can make the hats themselves from home. I’m guessing they’re brand new with a filter used to make both the “no ghost” and Stay-Puft logos have a classic feel.

This is something even outside Japan that could be modified. Starting with a knit hat, possibly embroidered Ghostbusters image, and at least some simple thread work any ghosthead would be good to go.

Knit Cap link.

Day Pack or Back Pack

If those other Ghostbusters back packs are a little much this Outdoor brand Ghostbusters day pack should be much more to our liking.

It appears to be a standard back pack, white in color with Ghostbusters imagery. The “no ghost” logos seem vibrant and stand out among the black titles, proton packs, and nutrona wands.

Day Pack link.


Multiple Ghostbusters notebooks or journals. Complete with Ghostbusters artwork and room to write your deep thoughts.

As an aside these are one of those items that once out of print (and if I owned it) I’d like to scan for digital preservation.

Notebooks link.

Packing Tape


Colorful, stylistic Duck tape isn’t unique to just one country. I do wonder if that Duck Dynasty tape I saw once is.

Have we all gone mad?

These are also another one of those items where I wonder how does Ghostbusters and packing tape go together. Who really needs this? Ok, ok put your hand down. 🙂

The yellow silhouette cityscape may be a favorite. Reminds me of caution tape. That’s probably a Ghostbusters item waiting to be made and marketed. Where’s the Stay-Puft tape. Truly a missed opportunity.

Packing tape link.


Ghostbusters pins aren’t unique to Japan. With the phrasing written in English they may have been sold in other countries…nowhere near the US.

In regards to the third pin, presuming ghosts can read are they really going to respect human rules and boundaries?

A Ghostbusters Pin link.

Stickers (Mini)


Growing up in the 1980s, I and pretty much every kid collected stickers. Most likely sold by Sticker Brand, they seemed to have the license to our American childhoods. Ghostbusters was no exception. Their were Ghostbusters stickers, (some can be found in the Ghostbusters Training Manual) definitely puffy The Real Ghostbusters stickers. That glue! Once you stuck them to your prized sticker book they weren’t coming off without a fight.

Only thing I wonder is why does that one “no ghost” need glasses?

Mini Stickers link.

Stickers (Waterproof)

Similar to the pins these alleged waterproof stickers may have been sold in other countries.

These stickers are supposed to be waterproof. Even at ¥ 409 each I wouldn’t want to test that, possibly ruining them.

A Ghostbusters Waterproof Sticker link.


That’s right, its a GHOSTBUSTERS™ thimble! Based on the variety of Ghostbusters merchandise released around the Japanese Ghostbusters premiere I think its very plausible a company could have made a Ghostbusters thimble.

For the final time today, I question the authenticity. Seems like a lot of small detail to be fan made whenever someone who can both sew and like Ghostbusters buys from the seller. I get a feeling it falls into some kind of gray area.

If anyone can provide more information I’d be interested.

Thimble link.

That’s it for more Japanese Ghostbusters collectible merchandise. Thank you for taking the time to read my lengthy blogs during or after your holidays.

Photos Source: Rakuten sellers.


2 thoughts on “Rakuten Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise

    • Yeah, if we knew what it meant in Japanese culture it might make a little more sense. Maybe its the ‘ghosts’ that are doing the thrashing? 😀 I wouldn’t want to pay a lot for the hat version. I wouldn’t mind having one. I forgot about the mugs, I’ve seen the mugs on-line too.

      The small paper book cover is well designed. I wouldn’t know if you could find it at another store as we’ve talked about. You could probably order on-line from a site like Rakuten. I would think you’d have a few options being in country.

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