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After writing about more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise (Ecto-Containment Blog Post. December 12, 2015) memoriesofoldboy and I had an 8 comment conversation about Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise.

As you may have read I didn’t originally think to check Amazon Japan for Ghostbusters merchandise. I also would do the same with Rakuten. The idea was to look at Ghostbusters merchandise that I’m pretty sure isn’t or never was available in either the US or Canada. Most likely Mexico as well. That could be a different conversation entirely.

I found 8 categories (its possible an item either has a different style or design) on Amazon Japan and another ten on Rakuten. We’ll explore Rakuten’s selection in a separate blog post.

Before we continue the Japanese Ghostbusters items on Amazon Japan may not be available to buy any longer. Links provided are in Japanese. Browsers such as Google’s Chrome will translate to your preferred language.

Back Pack

Ghostbusters book bags or back packs are not unique to just Japan. In the US we’ve had a The Real Ghostbusters back pack and in recent years a Proton Pack version. Not a good one. Their may have been a Slimer and Stay-Puft at some point. Or I could just be imagining it.

Amazon Japan knows the newer US ones weren’t good, ignored them, and decided to sell these instead. Their’s a lot going on with these back packs. They’re busy, it seems to work.

All three back packs are loosely based on a Ghost Trap. If you’re wearing this, anyone near by will know you had quite a battle with a fake ghost, its contained inside, and under no circumstance should the wearer or someone near the wearer unzip these back packs. Despite the graphics giving us the pertinent information a ghost (sorta more like a monster) hand is in the process of escaping anyway.

The hand is really I assume a 3D printed hand. Which is part of the “pass” case. Or what I can safely assume is a removable mobile phone holder.

Back Pack link.

Character Cardgbjapanesecharactercard.jpg

I don’t know much about this or possibly other Japanese Ghostbusters character cards. Its reasonable they’re similar to past and upcoming Ghostbusters trading cards. (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 11, 2015)

Character Card link.




When you’re a ghosthead, regular cushions or pillows can be so geometric. And you need to pay more for a pillow cover that could have a design on it. Unless its 1986 it isn’t going to be a Ghostbusters one. Japan and Ghostbusters thought of almost everything.

I really like how the Slimer and Stay-Puft designs are based on classic designs going back to the ’80s. I would have preferred the “no ghost” not be distressed. It wouldn’t be a deal breaker.

For the “no ghost” and Slimer cushions I would have chosen different background colors for the pillows. Probably black for either one or both of them. However with Slimer maybe some kind of ectoplasm residue could have worked. A “less is more” kinda thing.

Ghostbusters cushions link.


Hip Bag


A 30 year old update of the original Ghostbusters Japanese fanny packs, this Ghostbusters hip bag should win an award for using the smallest “no ghosts” and Mr. Stay-Puft logos.

This hip bag brings a little style and may work well when a ghosthead doesn’t need to carry a back pack with a ghost hand mobile phone holder.

Hip Bag link.

Fruit Phone 5 Jacket

Their are certainly licensed and fan made fruit phone cases in the United States. Such as with a “no ghost” logo, a Ghost Trap, probably Slimer, and maybe Stay-Puft. I’m including these because they could or can be bought in Japan and the Stay-Puft is different enough from its US counterpart. Assuming that definitely existed.

If I could have designed that Stay-Puft jacket I would have added color for the sky and more of a road then gray space.

Fruit Phone 5 Jacket link.


Night Light


In recent years their has been at least 1 Ghostbusters night light. In the form of a detailed Ghostbusters Firehouse. While it looks great and probably does the job, maybe ghostheads would rather have night lights that look just as cool, use L.E.D.s, and remind you of the “no ghost” logo sign.

Night Light link.


Sharp Pens

Ghostbusters writing tools came and went back in the happy meals of the ’80s. Proposed new ones were shown off in recent years at comic cons. I don’t believe they were made. Maybe not enough interest. Or they were over enginerred. Its a pen with a Ghostbusters trademark attached to it. Yes, its a quality item. Its still a pen.

Similar to the Stay-Pufts that protect your produce phone from dust, I’m betting the same molds were used so both happy and angry versions could be attached to a BIC pen with a rubberized green slime like cover.

Bonus if Stay-Puft’s beret hat could be used as an eraser.

Sharp Pens link.



Finally two Ghostbusters t-shirts. Admittedly not that exciting until you remember these are in Japan and have different Ghostbusters designs then we can buy at retail stores within the US.

The trifecta of expressive Slimers for some reason are forming a floating barricade with one of them holding an (American?) stop sign. I apologize if I’m misinformed. Perhaps other countries use the same type of stop signs as the US. Either way, only a couple of reasons people would need to stop.

  1. Compliment you on your style choice. Which may or may not lead to further conversation.
  2. If a Class V full roaming vapor was around with a stop sign, its an invitation for you to use your P.K.E Meter and zap and trap.

The auction lists the item as Slime Melange Green. Sounds more like a dessert then a fabric color.

Slimers Stop Sign T-Shirt link.

I’m not entirely sure the Stay-Puft tee is licensed. “It’s a little late to worry about now, isn’t it mister?” Now that is either a famous quote or I just made it up. It had a Bill Murray as Peter Venkman feel to it.

Its designed well enough, it seems a little off. Why isn’t the “O” in Ghostbusters not a “no ghost” logo? How about the words? Unless its a Japanese to English translation maybe Mr. Stay-Puft is being expressive. Is the shirt saying a beloved mascot brings Doom? Or as a Duo, him and ‘ol Gozer steal the end of Ghostbusters and should have been nominated for their own awards?

Marshmallow Man Oatmeal (yes oatmeal) T-Shirt link.

That’s it for a very lengthy post about Ghostbusters items that could or can be bought from Amazon Japan. Thank you so much for reading during or after your Christmas celebrations.

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