Anovos To Make Licensed Ghostbusters Merchandise


Costume and prop replica company Anovos, known for their star trekking war merchandise recently announced they’ll be producing Ghostbusters costumes or uniforms along with collectibles, prop kits and to scale prop replicas.

What will that mean to ghostheads? Anovos Productions LLC anticipated our questions and created a F.A.Q.

What items does ANOVOS intend to produce?

  • Screen accurate full-size props in kit form (end user assembled and painted).
  • Screen accurate full-size complete prop replicas, ready to wear/display.
  • Screen accurate wearable uniforms/jumpsuits.
  • Scaled prop replicas and collectibles for desktop/tabletop display.

Other Highlights

Their license allow for these types of items from Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II. It doesn’t include either of the cartoons or Ghostbusters 2016.

Estimated pre-0rders for their “first offerings” during 3rd quarter of 2016.  Actual delivery could be within another year.

Original/inspired by clothing is still to be determined. Anovos is licensed for derived jackets.

Photo Source: Anovos


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