Anovos To Make Licensed Ghostbusters Merchandise


Costume and prop replica company Anovos, known for their star trekking war merchandise recently announced they’ll be producing Ghostbusters costumes or uniforms along with collectibles, prop kits and to scale prop replicas.

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NYCC 2015: Ghostbusters Kicks


Josh Pell, designer and founder of Nookiee unveiled at this years’s NYCC Ghostbusters footwear. These high end kicks (yeah I’m cool) besides being stylish (depending on your age and tastes) emulate our favorite Ghostbusters (which is all of them naturally) along with additional designs featuring the “no ghost” logo and Gozer.

My friend Tom Gebhardt (center pic above) provided more info.

They are color matched off Spengler’s GB2 uniform archived by Sony making them even more unique with same herring bone style stitching. Incorporated name patches, elbow pads, eyelets from utility belt, brass lace ending, same as zippers of uniform and that’s not all. They also have limited edition to have your name stitched on as well.

Thanks buddy, let’s take a closer look!
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Save Your Neighborhood In Your 1980s Something The Real Ghostbusters Apparel


Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich

Since writing about that mysterious ’80s popular characters mail order catalog, ghosthead Lanny D remembered where we could order that catalog from, NOW comics The Real Ghostbusters title. That would make sense as I (or possibly with help) had to order that catalog from somewhere. Fortunately too, I scanned every issue from my NOW comics (Ecto-Containment Print Is Dead Page) The Real Ghostbusters collection for digital preservation to share with other fans.

I was going trough the scans and found an ad from Creative Characters.

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Save The World In Your 1980s Ghostbusters Jump Suit

During the ’80s (near the end of an era) I remember a black and white (their could have been color, but why would a mail order company spend the extra dollars?) catalog where you could order at least a kids official Ghostbusters costume. I can vividly remember coming home from school that day and being excited when “the catalog” was in my family’s mailbox. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was starting to overtake Ghostbusters popularity. I remember seeing TMNT being featured before The Real Ghostbusters for example.

I admit my memory’s fuzzy on which part of the franchise you could order from. i.e.: Ghostbusters, The Real Ghostbusters, Other. I’m not entirely sure how I heard about the catalog in the first place.

By the time the catalog arrived I already had a short sleeved flight suit. Family members made me at least a “no ghost” patch. Not sure about a name patch. That mail order catalog may have had a few other “no ghost” logo items for sale.

I’ve never seen the catalog since or any ad for these costume flight suits. Yesterday I got a glimpse that some company actually existed to make these and they advertised. Doesn’t everybody?

Who they gonna call? They’re gonna call you-in your Official Ghostbusters Jumpsuit! And when Gozer or the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man come out of the night-there you’ll be!

Your Ghostbusters Jumpsuit comes in classy khaki for adults with children’s sizes in midnight black. The Ghostbusters logo appears on the back, with a Ghostbusters insignia on the right sleeve and the name Ghostbusters on the front-right.

Ghostbusters Jumpsuits are the highest quality 65% polyester and 35% cotton. Machine washable.

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Working Ghostbusters Boots

Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich.

Even though I ordered my Ghostbusters flight suit last October and already had the patches I didn’t have the right boots. Actually I never had near screen accurate boots for my Ghostbusters costumes, er uniforms. As an aside the comedic actors basically wore military grade garb because of Dan Aykroyd’s military/”tech” interests. Also their’s the idea that the Ghostbusters can feel like “ghost janitors.”

Bustin doesn’t always make me feel good.

Whether the boots were easily available or not to a major Hollywood studio and or famous people in 1983 the main actors at least wore Corcoran® or Carolina® zippered combat jump boots. The exact model has probably been discontinued. You can still buy a similar Corcoran boots between $150-$200 USD. By human nature and evolution I’m not a boot guy. In a civilized environment I would never spend that much on boots. I never spend anywhere near that even on sneakers made on the other side of the world.

Since I took, not always intentionally my sweet time in researching the right boots for me, I came across other boot brands, one named after a town I grew up in, the other which bares resemblance to a fictional motel. Those boot brands can cost less then Corcorans. During my searches I came across Working Person. At times the boots I might have ordered were discontinued, thanks to the site and internet cookies I learned of another new, similar model. With work continuing on transforming my Tru-Spec flight suit into a Ghostbusters uniform the time was now (well then) to order boots.

I also noticed since Presidents Day the price of boots have been on sale. A pair of Bates 2184 Side Zip Paratrooper boots were on sale for $106.20 USD. Saving about $12 which includes free shipping. As I needed the boots in a week for a trial run, I paid for three day shipping.

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I’m The One To Call


Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich.

On March 1, 2014 after almost 5 months I was finally going to take my Tru-Spec flight suit and Ghostbusters patches to a professional tailor for sewing. Their hadn’t been a rush, of course now that I had a event coming up in a week, time was of the essence. Friend and colleague Bill had similar thoughts and wanted to come up to expedite our “business” needs for the upcoming Monster-Mania Con and other Ghostbusters NJ happenings.

I hadn’t had any personal experience with any tailors locally since I moved in 2009. I knew one local place and hopefully that would be good enough. The place we went to is near my sub division and probably does more business with seniors then nerds who want to see their childhood realized more in adulthood.

We explained the placement of the patches and the “patch” woman pinned them and even told us how she’ll strengthen them so the “no ghost” logo won’t bend. At the time their was a pending snow storm (Titan) which would probably close the shop on Monday. Our first con since 2006 was about a week away. The latest it might be ready is sometime on Saturday.

Maybe it would have never been that much, when they told us $12 USD, part of me wished I had brought the flight suit in last year. After being busy on day 4 and getting back around lunch, the tailors/dry cleaners called to let me know my jacket (for some reason they called the flight suit on Saturday a jacket. On a basic level we even called them coveralls) was ready.

I couldn’t wait to see it, without the boots which I didn’t have yet, I thought I’d have to wait until Thursday to wear them together. My only minor nitpick which I can’t see when I’m wearing the flight suit is how a little of the “strength” stitching is through the “no ghost” logo. Its possible the shop didn’t have the sewing capabilities to sew around instead of through the logo shape. Or an older woman with years of seamstress experience felt it was better to sew it that way. Which also would have been more then fine if she had changed color threads and used white. Its so minor in the end it doesn’t matter.

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Note: Originally posted at my personal blog, iRich.

If you’re not familiar the Ghostbusters movie that became a worldwide phenomenon could have been called Ghoststoppers. Ghostbusters, not to be confused with The Ghost Busters is a ’70s TV show. As Ghostbusters was being shot in 1983, Columbia, today Sony Pictures hadn’t secured the rights for the title. While filming the “end of the world is upon us” sequence with the Ghostbusters and a lot of extras shouting “Ghostbusters!,” then Associate Producer Joe Medjuck called Columbia to (my words) give them that extra push to secure the film rights. After Ghostbusters became a juggernaut, The Ghost Busters cashed in. When Columbia was ready for a Ghostbusters cartoon series, they stuck it to Filmation by calling it The Real Ghostbusters. It took 11 first season episodes, Citizen Ghost is the back story that explains why the animated Ghostbusters are more realer then two guys and a gorilla.

Unlike the cleverness that is Back To The Near (Future), (iRich) I don’t want to call all my blog posts about my Ghostbusters flight suit, “Who Ya Gonna Call?” When I was sitting here with the cursor blinking “it just popped in there” and Ghoststoppers is it.

Last time I talked about Ghostbusters, I wrote about the “franchise” or group I’m apart of, Ghostbusters New Jersey. For putting together the new site, Bill was building me a Belt Gizmo and was helping me with my existing Ghostbusters prop replicas. I still didn’t know when I would order a new flight suit. I really wanted to, come October the demand can exceed supply. Other then ghostheads and certain professionals who actually need a flight suit that isn’t 100% military spec, who are all these people? The sites I knew about were out of stock or back ordered. Between known research and a thorough search, I found They had a Tru-Spec khaki flight suit in my size in stock! I would only have to wait until October 14.

While I was waiting Bill and I met up on Sunday to talk GBNJ biz, complete my new Belt Gizmo, do some upgrades to my 13 year old Proton Pack, make my Mattel/Matty Collector Ecto-Goggles more comfortable to wear, and take the stitches out from my good patches. The next day, at the end of the day UPS delivered my flight suit.

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Are You Serious About This Catching Ghosts?


Original Photo: October 2004

Note: Originally posted at my personal blog, iRich.

It was going to come up within 5 minutes, best to start talking about it now. To say I’m a big fan of Ghostbusters would be an understatement. Obsessed usually describes it. I loved the movie since I was 6 and saw it during its first theatrical run. Their was always a wonderment about people who would want to and could actually catch ghosts. The equipment, of course I didn’t know about props then. It may as well been all real to me.

It’s why I knew I wanted to be like them. Toy company Kenner (and my parents) would bring me all that clever and fun The Real Ghostbusters toys. My parents were even cool enough to buy me a kids (the official ones may not have been out) flight suit for my uniform. That all worked well until I was about 12.

Ghostbusters and I have been through great times and bad times. It was never far from me. When the time was right (Halloween 1997) I decided with my best Ghostbusters friend to buy a couple of adult flight suits and make some attempt at the props. Even with Netscape Navigator it was still 1997. We had tools, not so much talent.

Things became rushed, it was just enough that most people knew who to call. Oh yes I said it. Problem was, the flight suits weren’t really the right color. Forget screen accuracy. The props were made from storage containers. I was still a ghosthead, (a fan of Ghostbusters) who also had a “franchise” site. It was in part because of that in 2000 I finally bought a military khaki flight suit, pistol belt, patches, boots, and an actual prop Proton Pack replica!

Granted the patches, Proton Pack, and other props weren’t 100% accurate. Not that I’m that guy who has to have 100% screen accuracy. It was a lot better then the working in an industrial job coveralls, one step from a Tupperware party.

About 4 years later I decided to get a new flight suit. This time in black to have more of a Ghostbusters II style to it. I also bought new quality patches. Other props had marginally been upgraded too. GBNJ co-founder Bill Malkin and I met Ernie Hudson (Winston Zeddemore himself) at a couple of Chiller Theaters wearing our new flight suits.

During the mid to late 2000s I didn’t have a real need to wear either flight suit and wear the gear. After some life changing events, including a move I went through tough times with Ghostbusters again. It would take at least a couple of years, the time began to feel right to want to “suit up” again.

Which is really why I wanted to write about this now.

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