Save Your Neighborhood In Your 1980s Something The Real Ghostbusters Apparel


Note: Originally appeared at my personal site, iRich

Since writing about that mysterious ’80s popular characters mail order catalog, ghosthead Lanny D remembered where we could order that catalog from, NOW comics The Real Ghostbusters title. That would make sense as I (or possibly with help) had to order that catalog from somewhere. Fortunately too, I scanned every issue from my NOW comics (Ecto-Containment Print Is Dead Page) The Real Ghostbusters collection for digital preservation to share with other fans.

I was going trough the scans and found an ad from Creative Characters.


Regardless if this was the official merchandise catalog I remember or not, I’d really like to see it and if possible share it for preservation. Their’s almost no chance anyone saved this because our respective parents wouldn’t have needed to. In 2 weeks it’ll be 2015, where’s that flying time machine?

I have no way to know for sure what The Real Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters II apparel Creative Characters sold. Based on conversation, memory, and a little research it seems plausible Creative Characters could have offered RGBs and Ghostbusters II flight suits.

The Real Ghostbusters

This The Real Ghostbusters flight suit is khaki, similar to its movie counterpart. It included what seems like a high quality “no ghost” graphic with a happy, colorful Slimer graphic on the “pocket” area where a name patch would be.

The back of this flight suit has a well known The Real Ghostbusters art, used for and with a variety of merchandise.


The Real Ghostbusters #2

A ghosthead, handle Dougger found another version of a The Real Ghostbusters flight suit/costume through Instagram. I think this is a later costume as it uses a “no ghost” patch and has a different, yet kinda odd color choices and expressions for the back graphic. It isn’t entirely clear if Winston and Ray are shouting, perhaps in excitement or they’re mad so they’re shouting. Hard to believe Peter is the calm one here.


Ghostbusters II

A ghosthead, handle WhoBroughtTheDog shared pics of his Ghostbusters II flight suit/costume. It’s also khaki, has a similar type of patch as the later RGBs version, and is a bit more accurate. With its Ghostbusters II “no ghost” logo and “name patch.” Even though it reads Ghostbusters II. The back may be similar to the Starlog version which reads “Back Off Man I’m A Ghostbuster.” Except the “o” is a Ghostbusters II “no ghost” logo.


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