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Amazon Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise

After writing about more current Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise (Ecto-Containment Blog Post. December 12, 2015) memoriesofoldboy and I had an 8 comment conversation about Japanese Ghostbusters merchandise. As you may have read I didn’t originally think to check Amazon Japan for Ghostbusters merchandise. I also would do the… Continue Reading “Amazon Japan Ghostbusters Merchandise”

Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Trading Cards

Earlier this year Cryptozoic Entertainment who recently released Ghostbusters: The Board Game (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, October 29, 2015) had basically announced Ghostbusters trading cards were on their way (Ghostbusters Inc. Blog Post, February 13, 2015) this year. Quality Ghostbusters products take time and original release dates… Continue Reading “Cryptozoic Entertainment Ghostbusters Trading Cards”

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