Japanese Ghostbusters 2016 Theatrical Collectibles


Sony Pictures Entertainment premiered Ghostbusters (2016) trailer, (GBI Blog Post, March 3, 2016) followed by the first official international trailer. (GBI Blog Post, March 10, 2016) Since then additional international trailers have been released. I’ve been adding them to GBI’s blog post about them. Including the much shorter Japanese trailer.

Since then one of two (that I know of) Japanese Ghostbusters Twitter accounts have been tweeting about Ghostbusters (2016). Translations from Microsoft (go figure) can be more then a little off. One thing with Ghostbusters that crosses language barriers, promotional collectibles.

Ghostbusters Japan (Twitter) shared from Sony Pictures Japan (Twitter) when ghostheads in Japan purchase their tickets for Ghostbusters (2016) they get these promotional collectibles.


If I’m wrong about the ticket, my apologies. I’ve never seen a movie in Japan. 😉 Ghostheads get a business card like ticket, a mini Ghostbusters (2016) poster, and a Ghostbusters pen/light (as seen below) that shines a Ghostbusters “no ghost” logo.


I seriously doubt (officially) beyond Japan any other country will receive these. As at least in the US, I guess Americans don’t want collectible items for seeing a new movie they’re buying a ticket for anyway.

If the country you’re seeing Ghostbusters (2016) in has some kind of promotional collectibles, I’d be interested in hearing about them.



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