Japanese Magazine Quanto Issue 269


Last month Matthew Jordan from Ghostbusters Wiki shared scans he had from a Japanese hobby/toy magazine (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, December 12, 2015) called Quanto.

At the time all we had were photos of scans which weren’t all full pages. Ghosthead and member of NYC Ghostbusters Christopher Beaumont added a cover image from an eBay auction. If that was it, I’d still be happy I found out about Quanto and see what and how they advertised Ghostbusters.

Fortunately for ghostheads copies were available to purchase. Christopher Beaumont was able to get Issue 269 from April 2011. This past week Christopher uploaded his scans to the NYC Ghostbusters Facebook page.

Naturally I saved the 10 images and just this evening made a PDF file from them. Out of respect to Christopher as its his physical copy and his scans I won’t upload this PDF immediately without permission. His media set (NYC Ghostbusters Facebook) has all the scanned images in the same resolution.

Photo Source:

  • Christopher Beaumont

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