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Rich Review: Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal

When I heard a new Ghostbusters cereal was coming this year, I knew if I could, I’d want to buy a box. To bring back the most nostalgia since the original, (Ecto-Containment Biog Post: October 8, 2014) collect the box, eat it, (the cereal)… Continue Reading “Rich Review: Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal”

Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal Information

General Mills more exciting in real life than in print information for Ghostbusters Afterlife cereal! Product Details “Ghostbusters Cereal is a fruity flavored crunchy cereal with ghost and Ectoplasm marshmallows. Fruity flavored sweetened corn puffs with marshmallows No artificial sweeteners or high fructose corn… Continue Reading “Ghostbusters Afterlife Cereal Information”

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