Matty Collector Neutrino Wand Video


After mostly leaving 2013 behind, I was able to make time to film a three and a half minute video of demonstrating how a Matty Collector/Neutrino Wand operates. While I know how to work a particle thrower, how to transfer the video, the time it would take to upload, and an attempt to edit was somewhat loss on me until early this evening.

Using my fruit phone and because of the length of the Neutrino Wand, I felt I had to film it in portrait mode. If you view the video embedded on your FaceBook newsfeed as well , it’s not too bad. Hopefully future videos will bring improvements.

In a future update North Jersey Ghostbuster, Ronald may have a cross the streams video for us to share with everyone. In the meantime, enjoy my instructional type video.

Matty Collector Neutrino Wand Un Boxing


I ordered my Matty Collector/Epic Creations Neutrino Wand on Tuesday, December 17, 2013. It was suppose to ship through UPS, actually shipped through USPS (which I usually prefer) on December 19, 2013. It was delivered by my regular mailman yesterday, December 27, 2013. I took around 40 photos last night and have been editing them.

I created a Matty Collector Neutrino Wand page to share an un-boxing experience with you. Hopefully I was able to capture most of the details. I’ll be working on a lengthy review as well. I’ll have it up sometime this evening. I also want to film at least one video when I’m able to.


Christmas Ecto Containment Tech


With my Christmas review of Xmas Marks The Spot comes a major ECU Tech update. The Ecto Containment Unit plays a pivotal part during the episode and introduces ghostheads to new technology which Egon seemingly comes up with on the fly. These include a type of Containment Unit “laser” extension, an astronaut like Containment Unit “Suit,” and for the first time (that I can remember) we’re shown the Containment Unit Laser Grid.

These technical screen caps and their accompanying write ups were added to the ECU Tech section.

Archives Complete & Site Stats

After a month, maybe a little less of manually moving Ectocontainment from it’s previous software I’m glad and relieved to let ghostheads know moving the site is mostly complete. I say mostly for when the time comes to upgrade my WordPress account. As of this afternoon their are 163 (155 before new entries) blog posts with a few “exported” from Ghostbusters International from today dating back to April 2011. You can access any blog entry by typing or clicking any number of tags, searching for a word or words, clicking recent posts, and browsing by day or month in the calendar on the side menu.

Most probably won’t be that interested in this, these are the site statistics which is an accumulation of years of site updates. If circumstances had been different near the beginning, I could have been further along by now.

  • Posts: 163 (once I click publish)
  • Pages: 184
  • Categories: 11 (stopped adding them fairly early on)
  • Tags: 196 (until this post is published)
  • Storage Space: 56% space used.

If their is a blog post or page you want to share from Ectocontainment, their are multiple social media buttons to do just that. You can also receive updates through email or if you have a WordPress site, just click follow. If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account you can follow or “friend” me just like 193 other people have.

Unlike previous versions of Ectocontainment, the site is truly mobile compatible for your iOS and Android devices. I’ve only been able to test it on a fruit phone. Because of a mobile containment, (yeah) you could view the NOW and The Real Ghostbusters Magazines when you’re not using your computer.

Thank you everyone, whether you live on North America or another continent across the globe who has visited Ectocontainment with its different versions and who has been supportive during the site’s latest changes. I look forward to sharing more updates as they’re completed.

Kenner Instructions Return


Kenner Instructions Update

After uploading The Real Ghostbusters Magazines and NOW Comics files to WordPress the last major remaining content to upload and create were the Kenner instructions from my collection. I hadn’t uploaded them again partially because of space concerns. Yesterday evening the files were uploaded and I created 20 new pages for each set of instructions and decals. Unlike the previous incarnation of Ectocontainment their wasn’t always a need to approximate instructions that may or may not have existed by showing the back of the box. With WordPress, clicking an image will load its original, full size image. I also didn’t bring over the text from the former pages. The instructions are self explanatory. With the WordPress format, how the toys and instructions are linked in the navigation menu felt right. The “written” links are also on their respective related Kenner pages.

Ectocontainment Blog Archives

I’ve been working since the last post to bring over the archives, which for Ectocontainment begin in April 2011 and recently end near the end of May 2013.There are sporadic and full month updates from July 2013 and on. Since June 2013 had a lot of those Kenner instructions, I decided yesterday to try (and did) to upload all of those files. I omitted most blog entries that had to do with IDW Publishing‘s Ghostbusters/New Ghostbusters comics as I didn’t always write about upcoming issues. I also omitted some outdated entries dealing with “new details” and information about Matty Collector‘s figures. Mainly because we know the details and those toys have been sold and sold again. Some other, mostly older entries may not have been included for redundancy. As I have time I’ll be adding June’s archives and go from their.

Welcome To The New Ectocontainment

The week leading up to Halloween while waiting to spend “4 big ones” (minus a 0) on my car I had around 7 Halloween related updates planned. I only got to two of them, only one is even worth mentioning in this post. I may actually rewrite the other one because when I wrote it I was really tired. Regardless of the spectrum of writing the web design software I’ve been using since January of this year began to become error prone again. I don’t know if the program wasn’t meant to handle 100s of pages and related blog entries or my 4 year old iMac can’t process the information. Everything else I use my iMac for works the way it should usually. While having to re save, even though those updates were already published, it “unexpectedly quit” erasing the new updates. Between the error prone program, how some things are with the software, and hosting costs rising I decided I needed a hopefully better alternative. This is it.

Some of you may remember in the “Octo-containg” post I talked a little about my personal collecting blog. Which is also hosted through WordPress. I’m usually late to the party (yes I said that) with these things. If I realized how WP could help the site and myself I would have never purchased RapidWeaver. The only mention I’ll give them less then a year later.

Within a few days of October 31 I began manually rebuilding Ectocontainment, working on it as much as possible. Most of the site has been moved with 146 published pages. There are still two Kenner related pages to put up, all the Kenner (that I have) The Real Ghostbusters instructions, I still have to finish uploading The Real Ghostbusters Magazine PDF files, and I guess that one Now Slimer! comic. 😀  With Ectocontainment’s PDF files, particularly the magazine files they take a lot of time to upload. Right now only the Electric Company and The Real Ghostbusters Magazine – Summer ’89 are uploaded. As I have time (and hopefully web space) I’ll get the rest uploaded.

*Update* Thanks to Matthew Jordan, Ectocontainment associate and webmaster of the Ghostbusters Wiki he’s already been working to reduce the mega sizes of The Real Ghostbusters Magazine. It seemed like a good idea in 2008. :O

Speaking of web space I knew going into this version of Ectocontainment that I would need more. When its feasible I want to do two things, transfer the Ectocontainment domain and upgrade to a premium account. I also knew this month I would have to pay the quarterly web hosting. Which is a reason I need to wait. In the meantime I’m going to direct to

I’ve organized the site hopefully for the better and eliminated redundancies that were probably necessary with Ectocontainment this year. If you’ve supported Ectocontainment through its ups and downs (which sometimes were my hardships) I appreciate it. I look forward to sharing more ectocontaining updates.

Afterthought: Yeah, I knew I’d forget something. I also want to rebuild the archives. I may not go all the way back to April 2011, as some of the posts during 2011 and 2012 had to do with the same content.

Kenner Monsters: Dracula


In 1989 the creative freedom Kenner exerted pretty much brought a line of figures that had little to nothing to do with The Real Ghostbusters. They’re not hero figures nor are they even ghost figures. They’re literally Monsters. Kenner in no certain terms made sure we knew what our parents were buying. Classic, perhaps vintage horror characters based on either literature, film, or both.

I feel like I would remember if I had any of the six monsters in childhood. I was around 12 then and the days of my parents buying me figures were waining. In adulthood I’m trying to use logic to understand why Kenner produced these in The Real Ghostbusters line. Maybe with the license some highly respected Kenner employee wanted to make them. I can imagine children having there The Real Ghostbusters hero figures battle one or more of the Monsters. What could the end result be? You can’t really use the Proton Packs and they can’t be contained.

The fun in each of these monster figures are their actions, what they can do to scareand frighten say Fright Features The Real Ghostbusters.

With this Ectocontainment™ Feature I’ll be taking a look at each Monster, beginning with The Dracula Monster.

Ectocontainment Spotlight: Mini Traps


In 1988 with the larger first series ghost figures and larger Gooper Ghosts already on the market Kenner created and sold smaller Mini ghosts. Which are different, separate, and more affordable ghost figure sets. At $4.99 USD, (1980s dollars, nice) even your allowance money made these obtainable toys.

Out of the three mini ghost toys I can remember having Mini Traps.™ Before I owned them again as a collector I vaguely remembered what they look liked, not really their purpose. I grew up in suburbia, grocery stores in practically every direction within a mile of me. If we had to set traps, it was to catch irritating bugs or on a rare occasion a mouse. Usually because of neighborhood construction. So I wouldn’t have totally understood how clever Kenner employees came up with mini traps. Cincinnati, Ohio must be close enough to the woods that perhaps there were traps made from iron to trap animals who can cause the outbreak or want to eat us. I’m not judging Kenner employees, they did what they had to, to survive on Kenner St.

Ectocontainment Spotlight: Mini Shooter


In 1988 with the larger first series ghost figures and larger Gooper Ghosts already on the market Kenner created and sold smaller Mini ghosts. Which are different, separate, and more affordable ghost figure sets. At $4.99 USD, (1980s dollars, nice) even your allowance money made these obtainable toys.

Boo-Zooka™ is a cocoon shaped wormy ghost who was sitting around one day with his smaller ghost buddies, known as Boo-Lets.™ The orange and blue Boo-Lets look up (literally and figuratively) to Boo-Zooka. They want to be like it and listen closely to what it has to say. Boo-Zooka had this idea to start a band. The orange Boo-Let was nervous to ask, but it asked Boo-Zooka, what will we call our band? Boo-Zooka proclaimed “Boo-Zooka with Boo-Lets” Both Boo-Lets were so glad to have their names in the band name, they didn’t question that none of them could play instruments or had any money. Boo-Zooka knows best.

Ectocontainment Spotlight: Mini Goopers


In 1988 with the larger first series ghost figures and larger Gooper Ghosts already on the market Kenner created and sold smaller Mini ghosts. Which are different, separate, and more affordable ghost figure sets. At $4.99 USD, (1980s dollars, nice) even your allowance money made these obtainable toys.

Kenner’s Ecto-Plazm toys had already reached a crescendo when they created and sold their large Gooper Ghosts. Their’s only so many individual cans of Ecto-Plazm your parents are willing to put up with. In childhood I never had anywhere near as many cans of toy slime as I do in adult hood. I owned more cans of Play-Doh. You know, the less messy play time. They came up with three smaller ghost toys, The Mini Gooper Ghosts,™ Mini Shooter,™ and Mini Traps.™ They could have all come with Ecto-Plazm, but then Mini Goopers wouldn’t be as special.

Matty Collector Ecto-Goggles Un-Boxed


On August 15, 2013 Mattel’s adult collector brand Matty Collector began selling their Ghostbusters™ movie style Ecto-Goggles™ to the rest of us. I ordered my pair and waited pretty patiently with other ghostheads across the United States and sometimes the world for them to arrive. I know I chose regular mail. Still I didn’t know why the tracking system Mattel’s shipping supplier uses only worked at the beginning.

I wasn’t sure at first if my chosen shipping method meant my delivery would take that much longer and tracking updates would be further delayed. Then I found out ghostheads who chose UPS experienced the same tracking issues with Mattel’s shipping supplier. When I found out a ghosthead one state away had received his on August 21 I figured mine would arrive the following day. And so it did! I trust my mailman, knew the package would be safe, and that is a reason I chose regular mail.

With my schedule and later on an unexpected traffic detour at a highway intersection I didn’t have much free time to “play” with my new Ecto-Goggles. Although other ghostheads have already shared pictures and videos I also wanted to share un-boxing pictures and videos.

More of a review may be posted in a separate update.

Photo Credit: Star shaped image free from PSD Graphics.