Archives Complete & Site Stats

After a month, maybe a little less of manually moving Ectocontainment from it’s previous software I’m glad and relieved to let ghostheads know moving the site is mostly complete. I say mostly for when the time comes to upgrade my WordPress account. As of this afternoon their are 163 (155 before new entries) blog posts with a few “exported” from Ghostbusters International from today dating back to April 2011. You can access any blog entry by typing or clicking any number of tags, searching for a word or words, clicking recent posts, and browsing by day or month in the calendar on the side menu.

Most probably won’t be that interested in this, these are the site statistics which is an accumulation of years of site updates. If circumstances had been different near the beginning, I could have been further along by now.

  • Posts: 163 (once I click publish)
  • Pages: 184
  • Categories: 11 (stopped adding them fairly early on)
  • Tags: 196 (until this post is published)
  • Storage Space: 56% space used.

If their is a blog post or page you want to share from Ectocontainment, their are multiple social media buttons to do just that. You can also receive updates through email or if you have a WordPress site, just click follow. If you have a Facebook and/or Twitter account you can follow or “friend” me just like 193 other people have.

Unlike previous versions of Ectocontainment, the site is truly mobile compatible for your iOS and Android devices. I’ve only been able to test it on a fruit phone. Because of a mobile containment, (yeah) you could view the NOW and The Real Ghostbusters Magazines when you’re not using your computer.

Thank you everyone, whether you live on North America or another continent across the globe who has visited Ectocontainment with its different versions and who has been supportive during the site’s latest changes. I look forward to sharing more updates as they’re completed.


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