Kenner Instructions Return


Kenner Instructions Update

After uploading The Real Ghostbusters Magazines and NOW Comics files to WordPress the last major remaining content to upload and create were the Kenner instructions from my collection. I hadn’t uploaded them again partially because of space concerns. Yesterday evening the files were uploaded and I created 20 new pages for each set of instructions and decals. Unlike the previous incarnation of Ectocontainment their wasn’t always a need to approximate instructions that may or may not have existed by showing the back of the box. With WordPress, clicking an image will load its original, full size image. I also didn’t bring over the text from the former pages. The instructions are self explanatory. With the WordPress format, how the toys and instructions are linked in the navigation menu felt right. The “written” links are also on their respective related Kenner pages.

Ectocontainment Blog Archives

I’ve been working since the last post to bring over the archives, which for Ectocontainment begin in April 2011 and recently end near the end of May 2013.There are sporadic and full month updates from July 2013 and on. Since June 2013 had a lot of those Kenner instructions, I decided yesterday to try (and did) to upload all of those files. I omitted most blog entries that had to do with IDW Publishing‘s Ghostbusters/New Ghostbusters comics as I didn’t always write about upcoming issues. I also omitted some outdated entries dealing with “new details” and information about Matty Collector‘s figures. Mainly because we know the details and those toys have been sold and sold again. Some other, mostly older entries may not have been included for redundancy. As I have time I’ll be adding June’s archives and go from their.

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