I’ve been looking for Kenner Instructions I didn’t have (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, June 6, 2013) since at least 2013. Number 1 on the list, Kenner Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper instructions. While four years later I haven’t found or been contacted about the original US instructions, we’re all a little closer to some kind of instructions. If you have a US or English version of Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Ecto-Goggles & Ecto-Popper instructions that can… Read More

Lee Hall aka hallpaleo recently scanned (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, March 21, 2016) his Ghostbusters Firehouse/Station decal sheet. To follow was an original Kenner The Real Ghostbusters Firehouse instructions. This morning Lee Hall provided scans of his instructions. For me it was like discovering an ancient scroll lost to time. I’ve cleaned the 6 page instructions up, converted them to a PDF file, and upload them to Ecto-Containment. We’re now one step closer to completing Kenner’s The… Read More

On Ghostbusters 29th anniversary I added a not so coincidental update to Ecto-Containment. The instructions (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, June 8, 2013) for Kenner‘s Ghostbusters Firehouse HQ/Station. At the time I couldn’t share its decal sheet as the previous owner had applied them about a year earlier. Then over the weekend because a ghosthead needed a copy of Kenner’s Ghost Nabber instructions, (Ecto-Containment Blog Post, May 28, 2013) a conversation began which leads… Read More

Last November the individual Kenner The Real Ghostbusters instructions files were uploaded to then Ectocontainment, now Ecto-Containment. I would have always preferred to have PDF files from the start, I didn’t know I could combine multiple PDF files. The instructions as PDFs were a low priority. After working with a program that’s been on Mac computers for years, I finally learned what I wish I had known about a decade ago. The timing… Read More

Kenner Instructions Update After uploading The Real Ghostbusters Magazines and NOW Comics files to WordPress the last major remaining content to upload and create were the Kenner instructions from my collection. I hadn’t uploaded them again partially because of space concerns. Yesterday evening the files were uploaded and I created 20 new pages for each set of instructions and decals. Unlike the previous incarnation of Ectocontainment their wasn’t always a need to approximate instructions that… Read More

When it came to toys based on Ghostbusters II Kenner didn’t fully capitalize on the potential opportunities. Even with a The Real Ghostbusters episode, Partners In Slime which has the most Ghostbusters II influence. Kenner marketed the Ecto-Charger Pack as the official one The Real Ghostbusters wear. Unless the characters in the series were suppose to wear them and at some point that changed over at Columbia Pictures Television/DIC Entertainment they never… Read More

When it came to The Real Ghostbusters toy weapons and tying them into Ghostbusters II their was only one you could say is directly from the movie. That’s the Ecto-Charger. The Ghost Grab-A-Meter on the other hand while not exactly based on equipment from Ghostbusters II reminds me of a Slime Scoop merged with a Giga Meter. When Kenner came up with the Ghost Grab-A-Meter they opted to make it more interesting… Read More

On June 6 I wrote a blog entry about the Kenner instructions I was (and still am) looking for. I made due with what I had next, provided the majority of vehicle instructions, and provided what I consider rare instruction gems, all four Gooper Ghost Instructions. I knew from there I have and will be able to share a few more instructions. Unfortunately I don’t have them all, if their were instructions… Read More

Before Kenner sold the real ghostbusting essentials ie: proton pack, ghost trap they came out with a projector toy. Which seemed more common in the 1980s then today. GhostZapper is a “creative light and sound” toy. How could a kid (without a proton pack yet) not like a toy that resembled a nutrona wand, project ghosts, and make sounds that had to bother anyone older then eleven? GhostZapper also included a film… Read More

In 1988 Kenner released a Green Ghost Gooper Ghost. I don’t know why Kenner was still calling Slimer Green Ghost in 1988. Like its carded figure the box reads “known as Slimer in the TV series ‘The Real Ghostbusters’.” Gooper Ghost: Slimer has a modified proton pack (why did he need one?) with two rotating Nutrona Blasters™ and a large plunging button. When slime (Ecto-plasm) is emptied into Gooper Ghost: Slimer it… Read More

In 1987 Kenner released three larger ghosts as part of the Gooper Ghost™ line. These three ghosts came in boxes instead of being packaged in a card. Each figure came with 5 ounces of Ecto-plazm™ “play gel” and in the case of Banshee Bomber a play mat. Gooper Ghost: Sludge Bucket gets its name because it can hold Ecto-plasm in its mouth. I’ve taken the original 4 page Sludge Bucket Instructions, scanned… Read More