Looking For Kenner Instructions Part 2


On June 6 I wrote a blog entry about the Kenner instructions I was (and still am) looking for. I made due with what I had next, provided the majority of vehicle instructions, and provided what I consider rare instruction gems, all four Gooper Ghost Instructions.

I knew from there I have and will be able to share a few more instructions. Unfortunately I don’t have them all, if their were instructions for the rest of them. I’m reaching out to other ghostheads and the Kenner communities. if you have any of these instructions, please leave a comment.

1. Ghostpopper

These rarely come up for sale, I’ve seen less then 5 on eBay in the last 3 years. When I was a serious collector in 2011, I was able to buy one from a toy business out of England. It isn’t fully complete, I do have the toy in a European Kenner box, and some foam poppers. Decals had been previously applied. I’m assuming its instructions are long gone. Before this, I hadn’t owned a Ghostpopper since I was a kid.

2. NutronaBlaster

I thought the one I bought as a collector was complete, it isn’t. It’s pretty basic, the toy is complete.

3. WaterZapper

Its possible even when Kenner originally made them and they were all mint in the box the WaterZapper didn’t come with paper instructions. After all it is a squirt gun one fills with water. The instructions are sorta on the back of the box.

4. Ecto-Blaster

I thought the one I bought as a collector was complete, Where have we heard that before? I have a complete toy and its box, that’s about it. I feel this “complex” The Real Ghostbusters toy would have had instructions.

As I’m updating the site I’ll try to make “sorta instructions” with the toys boxes. Naturally I would prefer to have scans of the paper instructions that came with the original toys.

If you can help or know someone who has these instructions, please leave a comment. It would be very much appreciated.


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