On June 6 I wrote a blog entry about the Kenner instructions I was (and still am) looking for. I made due with what I had next, provided the majority of vehicle instructions, and provided what I consider rare instruction gems, all four Gooper Ghost Instructions. I knew from there I have and will be able to share a few more instructions. Unfortunately I don’t have them all, if their were instructions… Read More

Before Kenner sold the real ghostbusting essentials ie: proton pack, ghost trap they came out with a projector toy. Which seemed more common in the 1980s then today. GhostZapper is a “creative light and sound” toy. How could a kid (without a proton pack yet) not like a toy that resembled a nutrona wand, project ghosts, and make sounds that had to bother anyone older then eleven? GhostZapper also included a film… Read More

Before Kenner ever made the Ecto Goggles, Proton Pack, or even a Ghost Trap they created the first two ghostbusting weapons for kids in 1986. The first is a light and sound toy known as the GhostZapper.™ The second is a Nerf like blaster (before Nerf came out with them in the late ‘80s) called the Ghostpopper.™