Kenner Instructions: Ghost Grab-A-Meter

When it came to The Real Ghostbusters toy weapons and tying them into Ghostbusters II their was only one you could say is directly from the movie. That’s the Ecto-Charger.

The Ghost Grab-A-Meter on the other hand while not exactly based on equipment from Ghostbusters II reminds me of a Slime Scoop merged with a Giga Meter.

When Kenner came up with the Ghost Grab-A-Meter they opted to make it more interesting then just another claw toy that can grab an object. With only one The Real Ghostbusters weapon/action toy to go, Kenner was all in. That’s because the Ghost Grab-A-Meter is also a missile launcher!

I’ve taken the original 4 page Ghost Grab-A-Meter Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 3 PNG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


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