Kenner Instructions: Gooper Ghosts – Green Ghost

In 1988 Kenner released a Green Ghost Gooper Ghost.

I don’t know why Kenner was still calling Slimer Green Ghost in 1988. Like its carded figure the box reads “known as Slimer in the TV series ‘The Real Ghostbusters’.”

Gooper Ghost: Slimer has a modified proton pack (why did he need one?) with two rotating Nutrona Blasters™ and a large plunging button.

When slime (Ecto-plasm) is emptied into Gooper Ghost: Slimer it can slime a hero figure by pushing down on the proton pack.

I didn’t own a Gooper Ghost: Slimer around 10 years old. The one I own as a fan and collector was won through a popular internet auction site. This Gooper Ghost: Slimer was originally sold in Canada. The instructions are in English and French.

I’ve taken the original 4 page Green Ghost Instructions, scanned them, and made them into 3 PNG files. I’ve also scanned and included the decal sheet.


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