Kenner Instructions: Fire House

When I was in my teens I had given many of my opened, played with The Real Ghostbusters (and TMNT) toys to a then friend of the family’s son. This decision came because of bullying and kid(s) at his school stealing his toys. I wasn’t going to stand for that if I could help it. In hardly no time at all I gave him the majority of these toys. Almost immediately he and his family experienced the happiness and other good emotions these toys use to bring me around his age.

The only toy I kept that I couldn’t part with was my Kenner Firehouse. Most likely from a combination of my memories, the series, and the rarity of a plastic firehouse with a containment unit. Instead of bringing the lightly coat of dust firehouse upstairs I left it in my basement, out of harms way for years.

Until one day I came home from a store and saw my complete firehouse sitting/leaning in an open garbage can. You can imagine the opposite of good emotions I had felt even into adulthood. To this day I don’t know who threw it out. You better believe I was quick to retrieve it. Then I did something I would regret for years. Become very conflicted about it and still let it be thrown away. I had intended to still retrieve it, I was too late. I might have felt better long term if I knew for sure some kid had it. Knowing “waste management” at the time in my old neighborhood I’m sure it was….I can’t even think about it.

It would take more then a decade, I would eventually rectify my mistake. When I was heavily into collecting Ghostbusters/The Real Ghostbusters toys during 2011 I came across a recent open fire house through a popular auction site. The seller had acquired a S.M.I.B The Real Ghostbusters HQ and assembled it. Then at some point decided to sell it. I was the fortunate winner and soon enough I once again owned this much loved toy.

The only difference between my original firehouse and my new one is the multiple languages, mostly present on the instructions. My childhood firehouse was just that, the fire house and as I grew up in America during the 1980s generally my toys were in English. During The Real Ghostbusters Ghostbusters Central has gone by a handful of names depending on the script. My once auction fire house is a Fire Station and perhaps translated more as at least 5 languages are represented!

The instructions included with my Fire House/Fire Station are too long for my standard size scanner. I’ve scanned the 2 page instructions in 10 parts to make 10 PNG files. Because the previous owner applied the labels, I couldn’t scan them. I may be able to provide them from another ghosthead. In which case I’ll update the entry and site and provide credit.

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